Car-ncer patient: The Sultan of Brunei’s 7000 cars (Photos)

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The Sultan of Brunei’s name regularly appears when the phrase “the world’s most” is used.

Whether it relates to his overall wealth, his palaces, or his investments, the Sultan never comes up short.

As is the case with his car collection, and it’s a serious collection. There’s over 7000 cars worth at least $5 billion USD.

This includes:
– 604 Rolls Royce’s
– 574 Mercedes-Benz
– 452 Ferrari’s
– 382 Bentley’s
– 209 BMW’s
– 179 Jaguar’s
– 134 Koenigsegg
– 21 Lamborghini’s
– 11 Aston Martin’s
– 1 SSC

Such ownership comes with an enormous problem (and I don’t mean finding the time to drive them): where to keep them.

Well, the Sultan parks his collection in five aircraft hangars where a specialist team maintains them (and possibly get more pleasure from them than the Sultan could possibly have time to).



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