Broadway in Nigeria: Kakadu goes to Muson this May

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“KAKADU the Musical” is Nigeria’s story in a nutshell. Set in the famous Lagos night club of the sixties, named Kakadu, a place where all the musical greats of Nigeria performed at one time, or the other. Kakadu the Musical is a metaphor for Nigeria  at “a time when the possibilities where infinite”. It is a story told through both the drama of the period and the “lens” of the music of the time.

It is an original concept production; a completely home grown and produced initiative of the Playhouse, with a fresh and fully Nigerian cast, set to premiere on the 9th of  May 2013 at the AGIP Recital Hall, MUSON, Lagos.

With a young, promising and multi ethnic cast, Kakadu is set to educate, provoke thought and perhaps erase ethnic lines, ending tribal wars. This story is told through drama, music and dance, and revolves around the lives and passions of different friends from different backgrounds, all in pursuit of unity.

Kakadu is another production from the stable of Playhouse initiatives, a not for profit mentoring organisation, seeking alternative ways to empower, mentor and encourage our youth. In this regard, the cast of Kakadu is young and emerging, but bursting with potential. There are however some notable members of the Kakadu cast including veteran actors- Nobert Young and Tina Mba.

The stage will also be set ablaze by Bongolipso and Ben Ogbeiwi (Project Fame voice coach). Here are a few things to expect (Rehearsal Shots).

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