Brandy Is Youthful & Pretty On the Cover of PYNK Magazine

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Singer and Actress Brandy looks adorable on the cover of PYNK magazine’s music issue.  The recently engaged Brandy talks about her relationship, her dream acting role – to play Whitney Huston, her music now and how she manages her hectic schedule.

Love makeup especially in this shoot, not over done but then her outfits are the real statements in this shoot.  I’m not bowled over by the styling but love her in one or two looks.

Here is what she said about her dream acting role…

PYNK: What would be your dream acting role?
BRANDY: “Honestly, my dream role would be to play Whitney [Houston]. I studied her growing up, I knew her. I just feel that connection with her. I would love to be able to play her. I believe it could happen.”

Read more on the interview: PYNK Magazine

It would definitely be interesting to see Brandy play Whitney Houston.

Here are the pictures from the magazine.  Share your thoughts.

Brandy Pynk
Love the Cover look. FRESH.
Brandy Pynk
Favourite look. Hands down.
Brandy Pynk
Brandy Pynk
Love the colours but the skirt and the peplum bit, not feeling it.
Brandy Pynk
The cropped tee is really cute maybe without the red belt…
Brandy Pynk
Loving this suit – the tie messes up the look – just the buttoned up shirt with the suit would have been better if the idea was not to show any skin.

Photos: PYNK



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