Battle of the best: Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Madrid and Dortmund for Champions League semi-finals

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This is one of the most unpredictable Champions League semi-finals ever. While Madrid and Dortmund had qualified a day before, Barcelona came from behind, with a Lionel Messi-inspired goal to earn a spot in the semi finals. Bayern Munich on the other had had no issues nudging Juventus out of the quarter finals to book a ticket for the semi finals.

The semi-final is however unique as the top two teams in Spain and Germany battle it out for the best. The league had witness all English Premier league teams getting off right from the 1st stages of the contest.

The battle of the four best teams in Europe is tough, especially with the strong rivalry and competition that exist between Barcelona and Madrid and Dortmund and Bayern Munich. So who takes the cup. It’s not so easy to decide.


Bayern reached its fourth straight semi and Real Madrid its third straight and record 24th in the competition. But the semifinalists didn’t so much dominate their way past the round of 16 and quarterfinals as they stumbled through them. Only Bayern, in its 4-0 demolition of Juventus in the quarterfinals, has looked dominant. But even to reach that stage, Bayern had to scrape by Arsenal, which won the second leg of their round-of-16 matchup, 2-0, in Munich and fell short only by the away-goals tiebreaker.

WSJ believes:

“For overall form in the last two rounds, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid have been the pick of a questionable lot. Bayern has its pair of wins over Juventus, while Real is the only team that hasn’t advanced via the away-goals tiebreaker. That doesn’t make Bayern and Real the leading contenders, though, to win the tournament (and, if they don’t draw each other in the semifinal draw on Friday, to reach the final). “

I think:

Barcelona will surprise a lot of teams though its recent form has been questionable because of its sloppy defence and an injured Lionel Messi. If Barca edges past the semi-finals, it will be the favourite contender for the prize.

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