Babcock University students lament after school announces new tuition fees

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Students of Babcock University took to social media to air their grievances after the school administration recently increased the tuition fees for various courses in the school.

In the new price hike, medical students now have a tuition fee of N3 million, Nursing N1 million, Law N2 million, Accounting N1.5 million , and other courses N860,000.

Out of fear for being suspended if they protest in person, the students took to the internet to let off steam.




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  1. The information is mischievous and far from the truth. The University school fees is in no way near what you published. Always verify your information before you publish for the consumption of the general public. If you want to know the University authentic fees for next session kindly wait until the University releases the information. if you can’t wait then i suggest you send email to or you can also visit the website to obtain the mobile line of the University.


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