All na wash: Nobody tried to kill Dino Melaye – Abuja police commissioner

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According to the commissioner of police in Abuja, the alleged assassination on Dino Melaye never took place.

According to the commissioner, Mr Olufemi Ogunbayo, Mr. Dino Melaye reported the incident, but the police could find no evidence of an assassination attempt at the alleged crime scene.

The police boss narrated what Mr. Melaye reported to the police. He said the ex-lawmaker said he was on his way home from the National Hospital, Abuja in his airconditioned car, all windows wound up, and was listening to cool music when he noticed a range rover sport golf car drive past his.

“The car was said to have parked few meters away from his and the next thing he (Mr. Melaye) heard was a loud sound which he thought was a gunshot. Dino Melaye never said the shot was aimed at him,” the police boss said.

Mr. Ogunbayo said, “The police have gone to the scene of the crime and we could not find any car parked there; no trace of shells on the ground.”

“And there is car dealer store at the area which we went to ask if they heard any gunshot and they said no they never heard any gunshot,” he added.

The police boss said further investigation showed that Mr. Melaye’s car window is not bullet proof; and if there was a gunshot it would have penetrated straight into the car and he would have been shot dead. He said the window has a sign of a crack on it, which could have been a result of the loud sound.

“If they had wanted to kill Dino, they do not need to drive and park meters away from Dino’s car before shooting, they would have just blocked his car and shoot him at the spot, so that cannot be called an attempted assassination. And how then is it possible for you to be in your car wind up enjoying the air condition and a very cool music and then you hear a gunshot?” he said.



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