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It’s a new year, yes we know it’s already the first quarter of the year, but it’s still a new year with 360Date as this is the first 360Date in 2013.

We’ve been working hard to ensure we bring to you another interesting edition of 360Date.  To kick off the dates for 2013, we have a fabulous dinner date  lined up for you with one of Nollywood’s finest.

She took a brief break from the movie scene but came back with a bang! Rita Dominic won the AMAA Best Actress award in 2012 for her gritty portrayal of an abused woman in the Kenyan film “Shattered”.  She also became the first non-kenyan to win the Kalasha Awards for the same film.

Rita Dominic 2
Rita Dominic at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards 2013

Since the release of her latest movie “The Meeting” which she starred in and co-produced, this Mbaise born beauty has continued to wow us with not only her impressive acting skills, but also her exquisite fashion sense! She has been nominated again this year for AMAA Best Actress this time for her comedic portrayal of Clara Ikemba in “The Meeting”.  In 2012, she won Fab Magazine’s Most Stylish Female Actor.

One lucky 360NoBS reader will get the opportunity to go on an all expense paid lunch date with Rita Dominic at Bazaar Restaurant which is located on the 4th floor, Mega Plaza, Idowu Martins Street Victoria Island, Lagos.

Nobs3 (1)

To be Rita Dominic’s Date, here are the rules to play by:

  • Leave only 1 comment stating why you think Rita Dominic should choose you as her date. *We know being over-excited can make you continuously click the enter key, but multiple entries means instant disqualification*
  • Keep it creative and interesting as possible. *No use of foul/dirty language* Keep it PG and reserve the sweet nothings for the date….*
  • As much as possible, try to refrain from lobbying/influencing the decision on her twitter page or any other social media websites.
  • The competition is open to everyone in Lagos and beyond.
  • For those outside Lagos who wish to compete, you will have to arrange how to get to Lagos on your own if chosen.
  • Commenting is open from now till 11:59pm on Friday (April 19th). *any comments after that will not be valid*

The lady herself, Rita Dominic will go through all comments and decide who she would like to go on a date with and then the 360NoBS team will contact the lucky winner via email to make all the necessary arrangements.

Rita 3

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you, Rita Dominic!!! May the best man/woman win!!!



Our team consists of a mix of the GOOD, the NAUGHTY and the most BEAUTIFUL people, just the way YOU want it served. We always have something to say whichever way you look at it. Appreciate us, Love us, Hate us (NOT) we are bound to crack you up whichever way.


  1. well i think my kind of person will blend naturally with her. i know shes very down to earth…so probably my eclectic personality will muse her

  2. Rita Dominic . Stylish and Chic. Come bearing Ur Gifts and Goodwill. Have us all competing,what a thrill. Need I say that to have u wine and Dine with me will be such a Honour.
    A gesture of urs that’s with all candour- MAGNANIMOUS.

  3. Rita I have seen you on screen, then events but mostly afar off.However, nothing will be more fulfilling than piercing through the veil, breaking through facade.Will you give me the opportunity to know you more? It excites me when I think of that possibility.I am looking forward to it.

  4. i have always wanted to meet with this nollywood diva actress RITA DOMINIC if for nothing but to commend her for her own naturall way of living and for always keeping it real and simple.i wish to be like her.it would be of great pleasure to me if i will be grant the opportunity to wine and dine with this diva.i look forward to reading from you.

  5. Hmm…. over the years had always have questions to ask you, and still fresh in my memory. Am one of your secret admirer, respect your style, your acts and conducts. If you pick me it will be a great privilegde, honor & dreams come through. I’m fun to be with, and a great company. Please do not kill my dreams to be with you. Thank you.

  6. she’s a queen with her own style and grace and it would be an honor to finally meet her, only that am all the way in the states. (Sad face)……

  7. Aunty Rita. I’ll love to hang out with you, because you’re a classy, beautiful lady and you’re good at what you do.
    To be honest, I’ll like to use the pictures I’ll snap with you as my dp and twitter avatar ). #braggingRights ..

  8. Certain people touch your heart in a way that you just can’t stop thinking about them; that is the kind of person you are; so simple yet so desirable,you have touched my heart through your movies and your unique personality, please grant me this one wish of having a date with you.

  9. If there’s any diva I would love to dine with,that should be you aunty rita,having watched your movies a lot am always tempted to know the secret behind your success,and how you manage to look the same year in year out.you are my screen though and dining with won’t be a bad idea

  10. It’s my pleasure to have you Rita Dominic i will be grateful to have a dinner with you but right now am out of country i will back by September, hope to hear from you soon. Thanks kisss

  11. Hie Rita u are the best character, u inspires me with your beautiful smile i like u so much this could be the best opportunity for me to see your kindness and beauty. The role u play on the screen always touches me, make me cry i would like to know you and the magic you have to make the world happy with truth that we are going through in life. Even if i am not chosen but u are beautiful lovely and still u will be my role model

  12. Was thrilled wit excitement and joy when I saw the post…….most humble and pleased as I parcipate with endless wish that DEAR RITA would pick me.Hmnnnn, that will definately be a good thing that will happen to me this year. Am gonna wish me luck. And thanks for this medium Rita.

  13. I like your simplicity and carriage…….that’s all i can say cause what i see on set is acting,would like to meet you some day in person but woun’t sugar coat

  14. To have lunch with the most vivacious woman in the world will be idyllic. Her beauty and wit are simply awesome. Definitely will benefit immensely from the experience. Hope that I can make her the first Nollywood personality with a biography written about her.

  15. I would love really to have lunch with rita because apart from the fact that I find her extremely beautiful and talented, I find her intiguing and I have a lot of questions to ask her about her success plus I need and autography for my niece

  16. ermm… I don’t know what to say though but I really don’t know why I think you should pick me.. Probably to portray the celebrity-fan r/ship_Am just appreciative that Nigerian celebrities like you now care for their fans keep it up love ya!

  17. am going to keep it simple,am really a big fan of you rita. i remember when I left school just a while ago just to get a glimpse of you cause I kinda figured you were going to be at banky w birthday party.though I saw you I have never gotten the opportunity take a pic or even speak to you and It would really be a dream come true just to dine with you.and am ready to take another sacrifice of leaving school again just to dine with you,cause I love you rita dominic.THANK YOU

  18. It has been my dream to see her physically cause she inspires me and I wanna be successful like her..I will be so happy if my dream comes to reality..love you rita.xoxo

  19. Am d right man the job “Just kidding”..would wanna be d chosen one anywayz cause I reali nid 2 find out if d laugh she does in movies is 4 real or Just film tricks, cause seriously I would give anything to see her do it Live!..by d way Rita’s Stare and smile is also outa dis world!..she must be an Angel

  20. As an upcoming actor myself,it would not only be an honour but also a priviledge to sit opposite an icon. But I can tell you now that it won’t just be lunch or dinner. It will be an opportunity to learn and intune myself with techniques on being better at my craft and as a person, because not only being an entertainer I’m sure you are an excellent motivator. Thanx for your audience. See you on the day. Its a date *wink*.

  21. She is gorgeous, I’ve never been threatened by a woman but I got knocking knees at this offer LOL,but bet I ll be man enough. The free wine and dine is a big plus 😀

  22. In a nutshell, it will be a pleasure to have the most adorned Rita Dominic go out with me on a date. I won’t say am perfect, but it will be worth ur while. Thank u.

  23. Lool see ppl writing long poems . Just be u if she’s gonna pick u she wuld pick u abeg , u don’t have to compose lovee song 4 her Lmao .

  24. Rita u r such an amazing person with a great personality nd also role model to me, u r somebody I ve great respect for, nd I will love to meet u, so as to inspire me the more urs is beauty with brains nd class. It will be a great honour for me to meet u. Thanks nd keeping flying.

  25. I’m Nkechi,

    Rita Dominic is so fabulous. I love her style, her courage and spirit of adventure.

    She’s a real diva.

    Everything she has, she has worked for; and earned. Now, that’s a real diva. I want to know how she performs the ‘magic’ she does and learn some life lessons from her.

    Please pick me.

    Thank you!

  26. Rita,I admire ur style..u dnt get it right always bt u r def d most fashionable thr is in nollywood. I’d luv 2 sit wt ya nd pick ur brain abt a lot of tinz in nollywood,cos u r one of ma fav actors.. I hope u pick me. *fingers crossd*

  27. Wining and dining with nollywood’s finest, now that would genuinely be the highlight of my year. It’s definitely not everyday you get to hang out with a celebrity and it’s little moments like that that really count. Rita on her own is a statement and a brand, so getting to actually hang out with her and know what makes her tick would be awesome. Here’s hoping that I get picked, hehehe. Fingers crossed.

  28. Hmmmm…am Jubel..A female,I would love to go on a date with Rita Dominic.Firstly,she’s My Birthday mate..July 12th and I have always wished to meet her in person to celebrate this joyous day with her.Asides acting,she’s confident in herself whether personally or professionally, she has great goals and desires.She knows that with the right amount of inspiration and motivation anything is possible, and is willing to do what it takes to make her dreams a reality.This is evident in the amount of Love and Respect every individual shows to her irrespective of age,race,sex or religion.We all love her and wish her welll.

  29. I love rita wif passion she has a unique personality,down 2 earth nd extremely beautiful. I wld love 2 hv a date wif her cos she’s ma role model,I’m fun 2 be wif, I fink I’m her kind of person nd hv always dream nd hope 2 work wit her It will b d happiest day of ma life if it works out, I jst pray ma comment will b d only 1 she wil see (I’m nt trying 2 b selfish tho WINK) nd I mk sure I must come 4 her wedding cos I knw dis year wil not pass her bye in jesus name

  30. One of the things I said to sis Rita when I first came on twitter was “I don’t know what I’ll do if I see you” and then she replied by saying “a simple HI would do”. Am an extremely shy lady and I was lucky to be at the premiere of “Journey to self” and bang! she was there! But I was too shy to say hi,I kept staring and couldn’t take mƔ eyes off her.Several other times I’ve wished to say hi but I can’t pls this is mƔ only opportunity am dying to dine with you.

  31. Hi rita am nt gonna try to convince u to pick me bcos there are a lot of wonderful people here who also deserve to dine with u. I jst wnt to hv dinner with u nd get to knw u as a person.

  32. I have always admired your beauty,matured outfits(stylish and sophisticated)that’s makes you so unique and the roles you play in movies that always stand you out as the best.I will be honoured to dine with you.Thank you

  33. I didn’t get anything for my birthday. A date with my idol will make me the happiest girl in the world. I want too look into ur eyes and tell u how much you’ve inspired me. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with me when you meet me #noHomo

  34. You simply showed the whole of Africa that you are a star afterall. Only a unique individual sprouts out excellently when set, this you’ve proven and you grabbed the awards in Nigeria and beyond this past year 2013. I love you for that!.

  35. You are far older than I am so I’ll address you as Sis. Rita. You are beautiful,talented,well endowed,gracious,etc.but just like so many other people,you have your fears,nightmares and worries. I just want you to know that God LOVES you and wants to take those fears and worries away. even if you don’t choose me as your date,please don’t fail to remember that God is always there for you. Just call Him and He’ll answer you. I love you.

  36. Don’t pick me! because i like you so much that i do not know what will happen when i sit with you face face.

  37. You’re so fine, you’re so fly I wanna meet ya I can’t deny With you, I wanna wine and dine From sunrise & into the moonlight All for you I’ve made this rhymes Don’t decline cos I just may cry I don’t wanna let this pass me by ♥♥♥♥

  38. It would be a great pleasure to wine & Dine with the delectable Queen Of Zamunda not just because imma huge fan of her work on screen & behind the camera but she has also inspired me as an individual to be focused, creative and not to let what others say or do affect my work and vision. Rita Dominic is a true definition of a star, she has charisma, charm,poise, proper carriage and most of all she comes across as nollywood’s sweetheart who is always humble, thankful & appreciative of her fans. She is somebody that u might have never met but somehow she makes u feel u’ve known her for ages due to her very cutie, princess like personality. Ladies and gentlemen who would’nt want to wine and dine with such a classy, fierce, beautiful, talented, charming and outstanding diva??? God bless u Riri

  39. Just seeing the post now, forgive me. I’ve always dreamed of meeting you Rita. I liked you right from my teenage days when i watched FUGITIVE. I’ve been following you hoping to be noticed. I dreamed a dream about ‘the meeting’, posted it on your wall and it’s becoming a reality in few days away. Many things to say just to impress you in picking me but words aren’t just enough to pour it out. Do i start with your personality, style, beauty, charisma, talent, NO. There’s no other way in doing this other than meeting with you cause i’ve longed so much for this…. Remain blessed cause you are already a blessing to Nigeria, Africa and humanity in all. Waiting to see you. Chika’ your no 1 fan of all time.

  40. I’m so sad,got to see this late..it would have been of such mammoth joy if I was granted such quite &humble audience with one of Nollywoods finest diva &great actress…well there will always be another opportunity….Congrats to whoever the lucky winner would be..

  41. They av said it all,so I ll only say”may all they ve said n wished u come to past”. Way to go our Mbaise Diva.

  42. You re my role model rita. I love your quite nature. Will love to meet u someday.Keep up with the good works.

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