19 Top Secrets Women Want You to Now Know

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The National Association of women’s right to a good relationship have decided to release their Top nineteen confidential secrets to us. These women are so powerful that we find them almost everywhere. ln your home, offices, place of worship or even on the streets they are there. You cannot just escape them.

Check the list to see if you agree with some of the secrets and make quick adjustments, who knows you could just be saving your relationship.

1.) A Caring Guy Is a Hot Guy
Women want to know men can nurture them when needed. They consider how much hotter a guy is when he’s walking his dog. Yes, the pup is adorable, but it sure does make them appear more adorable, too. Seeing hot guys with dogs, means he can care for someone else, whether it’s a pet or a younger sibling it shows they can care for you, too.

2.) Chivalry Still Has a Place
Contrary to popular opinion, chivalry is not dead. While chivalry seems old-fashioned it still has its place in 2013. Yes, women are just as capable to pull out their own chair and pay for the first dinner, but women prefer men to take on this traditional role early on in the relationship. Guys go ahead, and open the door for her or pull out the chair and see her smile saying “thank you,” to show appreciation.

3.) Dress to Impress
None of us dress to the nines on a daily basis, but good grooming habits and a few quality basics in your closet go a long way. No need to change your every-day style, but take the time to learn what your partner enjoys on you and try to incorporate it in your wardrobe every now and then throughout the entire relationship. Personally, women go crazy when they see a man in a blazer suit. So, they love it when their boyfriends/husbands dress extra nice for a special date.

4.) Guy Wears Red, Guy Gets Girl
This one is a secret of the subconscious. Apparently, when men wear the color red, whether through a tie or shirt, they appear more “powerful, attractive, and sexually desirable to women.” So go ahead guys, and wear a little red even when it’s not Valentine’s Day.

5.) Don’t Hide Your Flaws
Few things are more difficult than trying to keep up a perfect appearance. So go ahead and divulge your weaknesses, women will still find us attractive, specifically if you are working on your faults.

6.) Don’t Try to Fix Her World
Men are inherently solution-oriented, but this is not what women crave when they are going through something. They want a man to listen completely and help her work through her emotions, without trying to solve the problem instantly. When you constantly offer solutions it comes across as though she’s not competent enough to solve them on her own. What she really needs is a shoulder to lean on.

7.) Nodding Is Not Enough
Listening intently is the first step, but men also need to engage in the conversation, too. When she takes a long pause, go ahead and offer some words of condolence. Something as simple as, “I’m sorry and I’m here for you,” is a great start.

8.) Date No. 3 Is Not a Bedroom Key
I don’t know when the standard for sleeping with someone the first time after 3 dates became the unspoken rule. Especially considering most relationships in your 20’s don’t begin with typical dates. Many of us meet our future partners through mutual friends and spend time with each other in group settings before the customary movie & dinner date. Women can’t imagine going straight to bed with someone after only 3 encounters alone.
While each relationship is different it’s probably best to wait over a month to allow the relationship to grow before taking things to that level. When you’re more comfortable with each other it makes the sex that much better.

9.) Women Like the Slow Lane
Going further into the topic of sex, women do prefer taking the actual experience slower than men, who are on the express lane. This means taking foreplay to another level. Don’t consider it just physical; spend time flirting and talking to your partner, in addition to touching.

10.) Safe-Sex is a Turn On
To really get in the moment, women need to know men share the same priorities about safe-sex. This includes both pregnancy prevention and STD protection. So, before things get too hot, have the adult conversation and share any important health information and discuss birth control.

11.) Learn What She Wants in Bed
Keep the sex discussion going and share what you may or may not enjoy in bed, and she’ll do the same. Don’t be pushy and remember to share in an encouraging way, such as saying, “I’d love to try….”

12.) Performance Anxiety is Shared
Men aren’t the only ones embarrassed by “performance mishaps.” If a guy either isn’t in the mood or can’t perform, it’s quite reasonable that his partner worries about his attraction to her. Make sure to reassure her, that’s not the problem.

13.) Mirroring is a Barometer of Love
If you start noticing your partner is mimicking your regular gestures and wearing clothes that complement yours, don’t worry, she’s not fanatical about you; she’s falling for you. When a woman begins to emulate you, she is simply showing she admires you and all your quirks.

14.) Your Shirt May be a Love Magnet
Does your lady often curl up in your shirt? Women tend to be relaxed by the scent of a man’s perspiration. Letting her wear your gym shirt after the workout sounds extreme (and frankly, pretty gross,) but be flattered when she wears your shirt around the house, because now you know it actually relaxes her.

15.) Say It, Again and Again
You know all those great things you think about your main squeeze? From her brains to her body, and especially her new hair do, speak up and let her know about it. Giving a compliment takes no time, but believe me, she’ll appreciate it all day.

16.) Don’t Fear the Relationship Talk
The relationship talk isn’t always a bad thing, like a break-up or even a conversation about taking things to a more serious level. The relationship talk is a way to calmly assess the relationship and share any priorities you would like to make, or things you think could change. It’s not just about her, so share what you are thinking and she’ll feel even closer to you.

17.) Look Your Partner in the Eye
While you might feel more comfortable sitting side-by-side, women respond more positively to face-to-face conversation. Eye contact is another great way to let someone know the conversation you’re having is a priority. Eye contact during sex, not only makes her feel closer to you, but is pretty hot, too.

18.) Don’t Miss the Moment
Most women don’t want to rush the big “talk” either, but if she has already shared where she would like the relationship to be and given you an appropriate amount of time to decide you need to make a choice. So, the next time the conversation comes up be sure to have a good answer, or possibly be prepared for the end.

19.) Romance is Simple; Keep it Coming
The most important thing about romance is to keep at it. Even if it’s just an ordinary Tuesday, take the small effort to bring her flowers,surprise her with gifts, make her dinner, or ping messages-its reminding her what you love about her. These small gestures make a much greater impact than you could imagine.

Go ahead and share any relationship “secrets” of your own in the comment box below.

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