1.5 billion Youtube views Record To Break: PSY ‘Gentleman M/V’ Video Hits Youtube- The Count Begins

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The new PSYGentleman M/V” video has just been released today on the official PSY Youtube channel and it’s already bringing in the views.

In big shoes which he created for himself following the 1.5 billion Youtube views viral smash “Gangnam Style” in 2012, he’s finally taken the plunge and released his follow-up  single called “Gentleman M/V” which was released globally Friday following a leak which spread faster than you could say “Oppam“.

The South Korean King of Youtube Psy launched the dance and video of his new song “Gentleman M/V” at a packed Seoul concert on Saturday, with nearly 160,000 tuned in online to see if he could carry off a repeat of  “Gangnam Style“. “Gentleman” released on Friday at midnight, had more than 1.2 million hits on YouTube for the song alone before the concert.

“Gentleman M/V” follows the same goofy antics behind “Gangnam Style“, along with new tricks (enter – ass scratching) and a new signature dance which we are sure Psy would ensure it becomes popular enough to halt the encroaching “Harlem Shake” on his Youtube Views record.

Enjoy the video for Psy‘s “Gentleman M/V

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