Win an invite to the Nigerian Idol Eviction Party this Friday!

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Dear Esteemed Readers, answer these questions and win an invite to the Nigerian Idol Eviction Party taking place tomorrow at 11pm. The first three correct answers will be selected. All questions pertain to the Nigerian Idol show. Good luck.



1. Unscrabble this; E E J Y F L A
2. What contestant performed Pussy Cat Dolls’ ‘I Hate this Part Right Here’ last weekend?
3. What are the airing times of the show on Soundcity?

Segun Adekoye

Segun Adekoye

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  1. Question 1 answer is Eviction Event Just you for Lagos attendance.
    Question 2 Answer is EFEZINO

    Question 3 Answer is 3pm on Saturday and 4pm on Sunday on Soundcity

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