Why Animals Are Better Than Men

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Have you ever wondered why some women would prefer to hang around their dogs, cats or whatever pets they have and keep than to hang around men?

Have you ever wondered why women have cited the fact that pets are more reliable than men?

It is quite easy, it is because over the years, men have hurt, acted coldly and walked away from women and the pets never leave. They always stay. Ever ready to be cuddled.

The habit of keeping pets used to be linked only with women who lived abroad at a time but now, it is not a biggie around here anymore. And with the increasing number of heartaches, women have opened up more room for the fluffy animals/pets.

The question is though, is this right? Should you run to your pet when your man leaves and insist it is more reliable than the man?

Some women even conclude that since pets don’t whine, ask for sex, make ridiculous demands, aren’t overbearing or over possessive then they are way better than men.

But again, men stay to give you hugs, tell you it would be fine, kiss you goodnight and even when they walk, their place can never be taken by a cat or a cute litte puppy.

So what say you? Are those four legged animals better than the two legged ones?



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  1. I feel the article is one-sided. Have you ever thought out the reason why men keep pets?

    1. They dont whine all the time.

    2. they manage what you give to them.

    3. you can leave them alone for a long time and they dont complain.

    4. Even if you hurt them, they are willing to accpet you back without sulking

    1. Oh waaaa

      Since when do men need to worry about resorting to prostitution to make a living? Hurting your animal? Wow some companion you have. I am a man myself, and I never physically hurt my pets. You also can’t leave dogs alone idiot, they require attention. Animals like cats can manage themselves. Men seem to be the ones that complain about not having everything handed to them.

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