Waiting 3 years for Apple’s iWatch

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As the thirst of consumers of tech gadgets become more unquenchable, companies are looking to innovate and when innovation looks to be an overused word, companies are trying to differentiate in every thing. The race between Apple, Samsung and Blackberry is so tight that these tech giants are beginning to run out of ideas. Now that rectangular phones, with curved edges and touch-sensitive screens are all over the place, the opportunity to offer more is less. All these gadgets play music, have cameras and play videos. They are touch sensitive and you can have some of your favorite apps on them. What’s new? This one says Retina Display and the other says Android Jelly bean. This one says 13 megapixels and the other says 41 megapixels.

People are looking for more, maybe the ability to record videos with your phone in the swimming pool. Something that they couldn’t explain even if you gave them a chance. Apple, recognizing this thirst brings forward the concept of being able to wear your ipod or iphone on your wrist. Hence, the iWatch is born. With this device, you can listen to music on-the-go and maybe watch a few videos on its little screen while you also keep up with the time and then make a few calls like we see in those action movies.

When would this come to be? Maybe in three years time. The latest gist from one of Apple’s suppliers is that the products is at least three years away. The makers of Willow glass, a flexible material expected to be used in the Apple iWatch, said that their product is not ready for use in such a complex design.

Apple supplier Corning, developer of the glass, which can be made in a roll similar to newsprint, said the technology should be in use on simple products within a year, but not for anything as complicated as a wearable smartphone, the Telegraph reports.

The news is contrary to earlier reports, which suggested that the iWatch was an advanced stage of development and not far off heading into production.

Last month, unnamed insiders were cited as saying that a team of 100 Apple staff – headed by senior executives, had been assembled to work on the product, implying that the iWatch was “beyond the experimentation phase”.

Whatever the plan is, I hope they execute fast, because I’m getting pretty bored of the copycatism that i’m experiencing from the tech giants. I need something new, different. Maybe the iWatch will be all that and I hope three years will be worth the wait.

Segun Adekoye

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