Trained to kill: Dolphins with guns now roving the High Seas

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You should think twice before swimming the Black Sea. How would you feel if you saw a fin swimming your direction in the deep sea and then you exhale when you realize its not a shark. Just a friendly playful dolphin. You look at your body and see a tiny red dot only for it to dawn on you that you are about to be sniped out of existence by a fish.

This is for real. The newest sea monster sure to haunt your nightmares is smart as hell and has been trained by the Ukrainian military to wield dangerous weapons. Suddenly Jaws seems like a romcom.

“Dolphin scientist” (best job) Justin Gregg reports that three of the dolphins the Ukrainian Navy has been training to become killing machines just kind of swam off into the Black Sea this morning, supposedly in search of mates. Ukraine revived the program last year, which teaches dolphins how to target enemies with “special knives and pistols.”

Gone were the days when men threatened fishes with knives. It’s a global world. What goes around comes around.


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