To Be Rid Of That Stubborn Fat, Do These

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Eat Dairy

Contrary to a lot of people’s opinion(s), dairy actually helps burn fat. Do not go swallowing it all without restrictions though, instead of cheese, try yoghurts or tofu. It is thought that consuming yoghurt can lead to a two pound weight drop in a year.

Lift weight

You don’t want to have the Johnny Bravo physique, but weight lifting has been listed as one othe top ways to burn fat fast because it helps you to build lean muscle and every pound of muscle you have burns around six and a half calories per hour. In addition to burning calories, weight lifting would give your metabolism a boost after your weight training session, which again means you will burn more.

Exercise before breakfast

Exercising before breakfast “warms” up the body and kickstarts it for the day’s job. As much as it is not easy getting out of bed and heading out to exercise, researchers have discovered that those who exercised before breakfast burn twenty percent more fat than those who work out after their breakfast. A gentle jog or morning swim would suffice.

Eat regularly

Eating regularly is important for those who exercise to burn fat. This is because eating regularly would promote fat burn and maintain your blood sugar levels. If you do not eat regularly however, those levels would dip resulting in your boody losing valuable muscle tissue instead.

Eat more of fibre and lean protein though, while steering clear of cakes, chocolates and another “empty calories” containing food.



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