Things To Never Text Your Ex

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When he or she becomes your ex, the situation is less friendly than before. Especially if the break up just happened.

Now, whether you want to check in on his/her dad’s health or go move your things from his/her flat, here are a list of things you should never text.

1. I miss you- if you are missing the person so bad, then keep it to yourself. Don’t complicate the situation by texting him or her how much lonely you are without them. If it was meant to be thn you guys won’t be at the point you’re at.

2. Pet names/terms of endearments- avoid using any of these because you guys are over and these names are strictly for people who are in a relationship. Do not make things worse by texting your ex “Hey babe” or “sugar plum” or whatever sweet names you had for each other when the going was good.

3. One word texts- Do not go “hey” or “Yo” or “Hi” on your ex. If you have something to say, then how about you go ahead and say it. Don’t just send a one word text that’ll leave the other party wondering what it is exactly you are trying to communicate.

4. Rants- if you are upset about anything, either emotional or not, then get a notepad and scribble your thoughts or call a friend and rant. Do not place a call or send a text to your ex ranting to him or her. Whether or not he/she is the cause for your anger, do not yell at him/her. If you must yell and there’s nobody around, then pick your phone and record your rant on your voice note. That should at least do till sanity is restored.

5. No flirty emoticons- NO. None of those cute things post-break up.

6. Why didn’t you reply my message?- don’t do this. Don’t be emotionally controlled where messages to your ex are concerned. Once you text him or her for whatever and he doesn’t reply, let him or her be. It goes to say that the person isn’t ready for communication yet and you don’t want to force them.



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