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I would be sounding like a broken record if I started saying how different men are from women and how these differences reflect in relationships.

Men are fashioned in ways that are different from the ways women are designed and whether we would like to admit, these differences sometimes cause problems in a relationship, simply because we might be able to overlook some but others are just too plain obvious.

Women think they know the general things a man might wants in a relationship and vice versa but the shocking thing is, there are some little things that are more important and significant than these “generally accepted wants”. For men, women generally want gifts, flowers, go shopping till they drop and all the material things that money can buy. Women on the other hand believe good sex and the once in a while “I love you” is enough to boost a man’s ego and satisfy him but it is way deeper than that.

WOMEN have the divine ability to multitask, thanks to the Almighty God, so they have no issues doing so many things and at the same time listening and participating in a conversation. This habit has followed some women a bit too far though, so that whenever their spouses try to engage them in a conversation, they choose that time to quickly reply a message on their phone or divide their attention with something not really relevant. Men hate this. A man likes to have his woman’s undivided attention while he speaks to her. And he should, I mean that phone isn’t more important than him, is it? So even if that thing has to be done, tell him calmly to excuse you, hurriedly finish and get back to him with an undivided attention or simply put the thing away for the main time.

Some MEN are also guilty of “tuning off” while their wives/girlfriends/fiancées are talking to them. Women are like little kids sometimes and when they need their man, they want him to be there for them, give them the listening ear and make them feel good again. If when your woman needs you, you cant seem to drag your gaze away from the football match you’re watching or the message you’re typing away on your phone, then know she would be truly hurt. Always be ready to be there.

LOOK GOOD for each other. women mostly go out of their way to look great for their men. A woman can spend the entire day in the spa, working on her body, trying to look good for her man but men never seem bothered by this. Nobody is asking you as a man to spend extra minutes in the shower or go for skin exfoliation at the spa but maybe you can be trendy with your outfit? Shave when necessary and not look like a destitute with your unkempt beards? Use body spray/deodorant? Keep your finger nails clean? Cut your hair/keep it neat as often as possible? Let your partner be proud to have you by taking care of yourself. Let heads turn and let him/her be happy he/she got you.

ASK FOR HIS/HER ADVICE. Over the years, due to a lot of western influence on this generation, most women have become independent of men. Now this isn’t a bad thing but when your independence becomes too much and gets to the point where you believe you don’t need anybody, then there is a problem. Most women even believe they don’t need their spouses’ advice in situations concerning them. This is not right, because if you let your man chip in his ideas, he would see that he is truly a part of your life and that you need him. no man stays where he is not needed. So to keep your man, always carry him along and constantly ask for his advice and help when you can.

Men are most times too egoistic to ask for a woman’s opinion or advice. Wake up brothers, it is no more 1759. Time has changed now and women are not just being seen anymore, they are also heard. Let your woman be part of decision making, especially the ones that concern the relationship. This would make her realize how much of her you adore and respect. It would make her be in awe of you and most importantly make her fall in love more because it would show that you clearly care about her.

ENCOURAGE each other from time to time. There is no encouraging word that is as soothing as the one coming from a loved one. It makes you feel loved and further assures you that regardless of the situation, you are not alone.

QUICKIES save the day! Do enjoy the long love making sessions but never forget the place of the good old ever amazing quickie. Once in a while, have a quickie, it is fun, it is intense even though it is short and it keeps the bond stronger.



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