The ATM Of Happiness: ATM in Spain That Gives You Free Cash If You Promise To Give Others

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In Spain, an ATM machine dispenses free cash to people willing to share it with others.

“El Cajero de la felicidad,” or “The ATM of Happiness,” is part of Coca-Cola’s “Share Happiness” campaign.

Gizmodo‘s Jesus Diaz offered a little background information on the significance of free money in his home country:

“You probably have heard that it’s suffering a terrible recession. The situation is terrible: six million people without a job, corrupt politicians everywhere, gangster banks repossessing homes after receiving bailouts funded by taxpayers, and inept bureaucrats running every institution of the country. People are fed up, disgusted and poor. But there’s hope, as this video shows.”

“Get 100 euros ($131). Without card,” a sign above the machine, which has been placed in different Spanish cities, reads.

The only condition for the free cash? The receiver must share their mini-jackpot with others.

After the individual agreed to share the money, the ATM offered several options, like “hire an storyteller for the kids in your neighbourhood” or “buy diapers for a pregnant woman.”

Once the person agreed to a good deed, the money was theirs.

“The Happiness ATM was part of the company’s ongoing ‘Share Happiness’ campaign; participants who agreed to share were given ideas on how to share it through the ATM interface — instead of options to withdraw or deposit money, the participants saw sharing options. Coca-Cola states that they don’t know what everyone did with the money, but the experiences people shared with the company show that the participants took the challenge to heart,” Emma Hutchings wrote for PSFK.

As the video shows, many people did follow through with their promise to share. Recipients of the cash submitted videos of themselves spreading happiness with their ATM withdrawal.



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