That Family Reunion …Episode 18 (Alternate Finale)

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I watch his face pale in shock; he can’t hide it as he tries to get on his feet.

“No?” He inquires

“No” I respond.

“Morenike you…”

I raise my hand to stop him midsentence. No is no. He didn’t give me the time to think this over; heck he didn’t think this over himself. Why in the world would he be expecting me to say yes?

I look around the room and I see my family members gaping at me as if I’m mad.

“I knew you’d be here”

We all turn to see who is at the door and standing there, pointing a pistol at me is Tokunbo. Okay, what is going on? Is she out of her mind?!

“You bitch. What were you expecting huh? A happily ever after?” She thunders as she steps closer.

I step back, trying to find an escape route. My heart has started racing very fast and I am scared she might fire. What’s wrong with this woman? Why did she turn up in my family house with a gun in hand? Is she insane?

“Tokunbo” I hear Kunle say

“Oh shut the f*ck up you a$$hole!” She screams “You left me for her. This! She’s got nothing on me can’t you see?”

“You need to calm down Tokunbo” Kunle says and heads towards her.

“Don’t step an inch closer or I’ll shoot your brains out!” She yells.

I’m beginning to lose my mind because this scene playing out in front of me is getting realer by the second. Tokunbo looks drunk, her eyes are red and swollen as if she’s been crying. Oh my, why in the world would she…

A shot rings out and everyone in the room screams and scurries for cover. Damn! She just fired the gun!

“See, its loaded. I ain’t joking!” She shouts. “Now watch me finish your bitch!” She says and points the gun back at me.

I feel bile rise in my throat; she really is going to end my life. I worry about my son. Oh my God.

“Now stop this drama right now dammit!” Kunle says as he steps closer to her. He tries to snatch the gun from her but she won’t let him and a struggle ensues. I watch in horror as she holds on tightly and Kunle tries to get the gun from her. This is no Hollywood, Bollywood nor Nollywood movie; this is for real. And it’s featuring the love of my life and a lunatic.

“Oh God let nothing happen” I whisper just in time to hear a shot fired. I close my eyes for a second, wishing it would be one of those scenes in Hollywood, where it would be the villain that’ll be affected. I open my eyes and see Kunle stagger. Tokunbo stands there as if lifeless.

Kunle sways and then falls. He doesn’t move. Tokunbo steps closer.

“Fuck I killed him! I killed him!!” She cries.

That’s all I see before I pass out.


I wish I could wake up from the hellish dream, this nightmare that has destroyed my life and the one thing that has made me happy.

“Dust to dust…”

I stand there transfixed as sand is being heaped on Kunle’s coffin. I’m being held by my mother and Mobola who has been such a darling, bless her soul.

“Ashes to ashes…”

My legs are weak and threatening to give way. Two kids with no man. Maybe if I’d said yes to him when he proposed I’d feel better? I am carrying his life inside of me, his child is in my womb but I’d have to raise the child all by myself.

Hatred fills my heart as I remember Tokunbo. Even though she’s been sentenced to death, I still feel she hasn’t gotten what she deserves. She deserves instant death.

“Morenike…”My mom calls and I stare at her without saying anything. I can see the worry in her eyes. I haven’t said a word in two months. I barely eat and never talk. I turn away from her and try to sit on the floor but they won’t let me. They drag me away with them as the stone is placed across the tomb.

Tears roll down my face freely as I mourn my beloved.

As I’m about to get into the car, I see Kike Oni. She comes closer and holds me in a hug then says “be strong”. I don’t say anything to her, I just get into the car and lean on my mother as she gets in beside me.

Maybe I shouldn’t have been at that Family reunion where I met him again? Maybe I shouldn’t have listened to my heart.

My love is gone. My heart is heavy. Would I ever smile again?



That’s it guys! The end of That Family Reunion (TFR).

By the way, I have a little treat – I have written two different endings for you.

The other you can find here

I’d like for you to share your preferred ending and best TFR moments here and on twitter. The handle is @tomilola_coco

Thanks for the comments, views and the responses. I love you like a love song. And anticipate the next blog series from moi that begins next Wednesday titled ZestVille. Kisses boos!



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  1. this ending is really a hellish nightmare oh. God forbid abeg, its way too sad, makes one wanna grieve and why wuld i be looking for grief in my life? i totally prefer

  2. I do prefer  other ending, a least if I were the one I would want my story to be happily ever after. And to you tomilola hurry up and lay out another wonderful drama. KUDOS.

  3. no o…this is a bad ending…it has even spoilt my mood. Welldone by the way. i stumbled across this today and read all episodes. Kudos

  4. The other ending is more real,the coincidence in the alternate ending was obvious, tokunbo coming in @ the time kunle was proposing. Wonderful story,made me laugh.

  5. i actually expected Tokunbo to make one last entrance but not for Kunle to die. He deserves a life with his child. Maybe a mixture of both endings will make it more romantic………….. Tomi great work on all your series… bin reading them for days now…. am intrigued….. unto the next one…..

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