That Family Reunion …Episode 16

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I know, I know. I know I can be extremely stupid sometimes and saying the first thing that comes to mind is just not the right thing to do. But I can’t let my mom break the news of my pregnancy to Kunle. The only thing worse than hiding the baby news from him, is having someone else inform him about the baby.

My mother halts, she steps closer and asks “so who is?”

I swallow hard, this is the part where I finish what I started and for the love of me I just can’t. Why would I? I mean I said the first thing that came to mind; I didn’t plan this.

“You called ma” Kunle says as he appears behind my mother.

My mother’s gaze doesn’t shift from my face as she tells him “Don’t worry. Looks like this doesn’t concern you after all.”

Kunle, clearly confused, looks from my mum to me.


Aunt Labake aka Mommy London is at the door, her eyes swollen from what I guess must have been too much tears. She is staring at my mom now, as if unsure of the next thing to do. My mother in turn, looks at her and the both of them say nothing for a while. These two women are sisters but a lot has happened in the past that has severed the relationship that was once good. Now they aren’t even sure what to say or do to each other after being apart for a long time. Mommy London makes the first move, she walks over to my mom and hugs her. My mom hesitates for a while and then hugs her back.

“When did you arrive?” She asks my mom

“Some minutes ago.” My mother responds.

“Our mother is dead” Aunt Labake says and my mom nods. A moment of silence passes and I know how hard it is for both of them – The death of their mother and more importantly, the severed relationship between both of them.

“Come, let us go inside.” My mother says and they head into the house.

“What was that?” Kunle asks me as soon as the two women leave.


“Your mom seemed…”

“Oh. That. Don’t mind her, she was just being dramatic. She wanted to know what was going on between us two” I laugh, a bit nervously “you know moms and how they think every guy around their daughter is a potential son in law”

Kunle nods but he obviously doesn’t believe me.

“Okay” he says and adds “I’m going home to see my parents briefly. I don’t want any of these people to inform them before I see them. Do you want to come along?”

Because I don’t want any other pregnancy detector around me, I quickly respond “sure”.

Kunle’s parents are warm as I remember them to be and when I walk into their home some minutes later, I realise nothing has changed about them.

His mom is still so sweet and his father, very nice. Most importantly, they are no pregnancy detectors.

The rest of the day passes with me almost forgetting my worries. And when we are about to leave, Kunle’s mom asks “Tokunbo called…”

“Yes about Tokunbo…I am really done. Stop letting her use you to get to me” Kunle says.

I try to walk away from them so I won’t be seen as a third party, even though I want to desperately hear every word of it. I lean by the car and try to distract myself by starting a conversation with Uche on my blackberry.

“I am not ready to jump into another commitment…”

I suddenly hear Kunle say. I look up at him as I watch what seems to be a mild argument between him and his mother. They try to keep their voices low and because I don’t want to hear anything Tokunbo related, I tune off.

Kunle and I have never discussed plans for the future. As it is at the moment, we have not even exactly defined our relationship. I don’t know if he is a long-term relationship person and if his engagement with Tokunbo was a mistake he would never try again. I haven’t exactly thought of us in the future and I realise it is because I am very scared. I do not want him to leave. I do not want to lose him. I never want to be alone again. Maybe I can take time to study him more? Decide if he is the type of man I can be serious with?

“Are you okay?” He asks and I realise he is standing by my side. He places a kiss on my forehead and holds me. “I know you’ve been through a lot in this past week, from the issue with Makin to the exhaustion and your grandma’s death” he places another kiss on my lips. “How is the malaria by the way? Gone?”

Huh? What malaria? Oh! Hehe the malaria I claimed I had. Well, I’m going to be having “malaria” for as long as expecting mothers have it but Kunle is not supposed to know that.

“I feel a lot better. Grandma’s death is enough shock to let me forget many things.” I respond.

We head back to my family house and I try to find my mother. My great aunt meets us by the door.

“I am glad Labake and Lolade have finally agreed to settle their differences. I know your grandmother would have loved to see this but what is more is that, wherever she is, she would be happy to know there is no more war” she says to me and I nod.

“It is good to know they finally decided to end it. There’s nothing better than family.” I respond.

Then she says “I have been meaning to say this, I know you will be having severe morning sickness at the moment…”

Jeez! No ma. Not here, not now! Kunle is standing by my side for pete’s sake!

“Ma…” I try to interject but she’d have none of it.

“Women in our family have it severe during the first trimester, I have a few things I can list for you to get. Since your mother would not exactly be around for this pregnancy, you need a little guidance. And you…” She turns to face Kunle. I can’t look at him. I can’t.

“You need to be by your wife’s side a lot I hope you know that. And I hope you are better than that imbecile she had our little Oreoluwa for”

Thanks Great aunt! I am highly grateful!

“I intend to have a long talk with you anyway. Morenike won’t make the same mistake twice. We won’t allow that to happen. Do you want the list now?” She asks, finally giving me a chance to speak. I face her, aware that I must be totally pale at the moment. I feel sick suddenly, my legs threatening to give way. I can’t even talk. I’m beyond shocked.

“I would come get the list myself ma. We need to get somewhere first” Kunle says coolly. Oh my God.

“Okay. Let me know when you are both ready” she says and saunters off. I dare not face Kunle, so I begin to look everywhere but him. My heart is racing fast and I can swear I hear my heart beat.

“Miss Alabi, how about we discuss your pregnancy” he says to me and I finally drag my attention to him. His face is as hard as stone, his expression unreadable and his eyes have gone steely.



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  2. LAWL!!! I looove that great aunt… Good for Morenike! She now has to answer to Kunle for this….. I pray it’s get good oo…. No sad ending please, Tomilola

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  5. Dear Aunty Tomilola!
    Can we be best friends so that I’ll have access to the whole manuscript. Or could you throw in an extra episode today? Would appreciate this as my birthday present!!
    Your prospective bestie.(Wink wink)

  6. I am soooooo lovin’ dis ryt now!!!! Great aunt is indeed d greatest! So what next morenike? Hehehe *evil laugh* kunle plz make dat face more steely or steelier,wcheva word works!! Nice 1 Tomi!

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