Signs That He Is Hooked

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Some men don’t wear their emotions on their sleeves, they don’t show you when they are in love. They don’t say the words “I love you” everytime or shout on the roof reasons why they can’t live without you.

If the guy you’re seeing is in love with you however, he would have his ways of showing it and because he is a man and men show their emotions in ways different to ours, you just might not see it.

One thing that he would do, is look for more and more ways to spend time with you. He would call and ask if you’re free for lunch, ask you what your plans are for the weekend and see if he can fix himself in there somewhere, go see every movie at the cinema with you(even the crappiest). A man spends more time with the woman he adores and cares about. Once he is seeing you more often than he used to/asking for more dates, then he is into you.

If he shows great and genuine interest in your aspirations, goals and career, then he is truly in love with you. When a man just wants to get in your pants, he would try other ways save being interested in your career/goals. But when he is truly interested in everything you do and things you hope to do in the future, then he loves you for real.

When he calls you on the phone for hours, then he is into you girl. These days all men want to do is ping on their blackberries and nothing more. When a man makes extra effort to talk to you on the phone for hours every other time? Then he is into this for real.

When he stares at you and smiles for no reason whatsoever, then he is crazy about you. When you catch him staring at you with an adoring look in his eyes, then you just are special to him. Know that.

If he goes out of his way to help you everytime, then you mean a whole lot to him. Helping you when he is free and when it is convenient for him is one thing, going out of his way to do things for you is a totally different case. If he is always eager to go out of his way for you, then you are special to him.

He wants to know things that really matter to you, not because he is a therapist or because he has a bank where he stores information relating to you, it is because your life matters to him. He wants to know everything about you, he wants to know what makes you laugh, what makes you smile and what makes you frown. He deeply cares that’s why.



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