Paying Homage: The Game To Add Tattoos Of Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali

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West Coast rapper Game is far from done with adding more ink to his body, as reports reveal his plans to pay homage to late human rights activist Malcolm X and boxing legend Muhammad Ali next.

According to tattoo artist Carlos Macedo, he is working on the two African American icons for the Black Wall Street leader.

“I’m working on a portrait of Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X for Game,” Macedo told “He wanted the two to interact but he’s running out of room. He has to work with what he has.” The Ali tattoo is partly inked on his inner arm and Malcolm X’s image is on the back of his arm waiting to be filled in. “Those tattoos are in real painful areas,” Macedo explained. “I try not to put him in a bunch of pain in one session. With the Obama tattoo, he wanted it all finished at once.”

Recently, Game revealed the current working of his President Barack Obama chest tat, and a few weeks ago, the West Coast rapper put rap mentor Dr. Dre‘s first solo album, The Chronic, onto his body.




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