Wow! Take a look at Lagos Real life, Inspiring!

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The Amazing and very talented Photographers at Orbit Imagery have just shared this insightful collection of Photos from around Lagos.

Even if you have never lived in Lagos before, you are sure to get a whiff of the real life that happens in this very busy city. Funny, Entertaining and truly Inspiring! Enjoy!

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Hahaha! This man don craze. I can imagine him here saying “Wait! I can tell you to move now and my Oga at the top will say another thing”



Hustle on top Orange ohhhh! LOL


LOL! This Oga nor go reach work today.







Action Film


Tommy of Life. I promise, it is just the Tommy we are looking at here. hehe


Seriously? This guy on the right is sure not taking Life easy at all! Hustle!



LMAO! Ok this is the height!


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