Nuella Njuigbo To Expose Nolllywood’s Dirtiest Secrets In New Movie

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Nollywood actress Nuella Njuigbo is set to give viewers a taste of what goes down behind the scenes in Nollywood in her latest movie.

Nuella Njubigbo unravels the mystery behind the quest for stardom in her new movie, Jujuwood, directed by Tchidi Chikere.

The journey to stardom is filled with intense drama and competition. It is a controversial exploration of bitter truths. Jujuwood is a movie about girls in the entertainment world; their lusts for fame and the lengths they are willing to go to be famous. With a celebrated cast which has the likes of Nuella Njubigbo, Funke ‘Jenifa’ Akindele, Halima Abubakar and Ruth Kadiri the movie will surely gets its own share of attention.

The movie promises to take you through the hassles of being an up and coming act in Nollywood. It also tells the untold secret of how low some starlets will stoop just to achieve their big dreams of being celebrities. It is an exposé on the thrills and ills of the movie industry. It is a satire that is comically told but filled with lessons for those whose eyes are fixed on stardom.

Jujuwood slated to be released in April is one of the many movies produced by sultry and delectable actress Nuella Njubigbo. Nuella is one face to watch in the industry, having been in the industry for a few years, has recorded successes in acting, script writing and movie production. Nuella has featured in so many movies including Another Level, Beautiful Colour, Tears of a Prince, Evil Project, Money never sleeps and a host of others.

She first came into Nollywood as a script writer in 2005 before making her debut as an actress in the movie Royal Destiny. Jujuwood is the first movie she is financing.



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