My Oga at The Top: How Nigerians exhibited the #Aluu4 Mentality

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I can imagine how you feel. Your table is piled up with work. More work than you can finish. You get up to take a cup of coffee. There’s water but the sugar bowl is empty. What happened to the last two cubes of sugar here?

“I used it” Your colleague blurts and hides his face behind the newspaper.

You stand there and shake your head. When you decide to finally take coffee without sugar, your colleague yells again “You can’t use that water heater. We are on the small gen. No light”

You sink back into your chair and swivel. It’s been a hard day. It’s almost 6pm. You have a lot to do. You work on the Island and stay in Ikorodu. You imagine how the cars will be arranged progressively like pieces of lego on the endless Third Mainland Bridge and the leap years it will take you to get to your house.

You forget the name you are called and the only thing you can mutter is ” I am frustrated”.

We know you are. Everybody is. We all have reasons to be. However, pouring your frustration on a man who has made the mistake of saying “My Oga at The Top” and also forgetting his websites tld that he only mentions “www.myogaatthetop” (I know it’s NSCDC) without the dot coms or dot orgs is unfair.

I understand that you don’t even know how to pay for your rent but picking on another frustrated man’s mistake till you roll on the ground and laugh the scorn out of yourself is preposterous.

I understand that you are bored looking for a sport to liven you up but making endless jokes about a public official’s mess sends the wrong message to the world.

Making your Oga-at-the-top’s ridicule a spectacle makes you ridiculous as well to the entire world.

Are you kidding me? You trend on Twitter for 3 days and you won the Twiscars Awards for the country with the best use of social media… congratulations! How does that cover the leaking hole on your rusted roofing sheets. How does that donate lanterns to the areas that are in perpetual darkness in your city.

Fellow Nigerians (In Abacha’s Voice) you have not tried and misplaced your priorities. Your corrupt politicians’ evil deeds are not trending on Twitter. The man who eats your tax (if you do pay taxes) is building houses and flying worldwide and that doesn’t trend. #myogaatthetop trends.

You have created ridiculous songs (like you have always done anyway) out of it and made T-Shirts, wouldn’t it be a good idea to shoot a movie and build a casino from MyOgaAtTheTop’s Limited proceeds.

You remind me of the citizens of Aluu community who were looking for a scapegoat and slaughtered four innocent boys. Did it end there? No! We still heard about the jungle justice meted out in Warri. It still happens. We look for scapegoats. Reputations to destroy rather than build. Didn’t you ever suspect that our dilapidated facilities is a reflection of how we think.

We complain about #Allu4 and we have refused to look inwards. The victim of the joke feels bad about it and it doesn’t deserve to be made a national anthem.

What else is there to say? You have won already. Shame on you all.

Segun Adekoye

Segun Adekoye

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  1. How you can equate something with comedic value with the loss of innocent lives is truly beyond me. Granted the jokes are getting out of hand but you failed to address the real issue. To many, the guy is a clear representation of the problem we have in our so called beloved country, which is that of incompetent leaders. Whether he is truly incompetent or not can be debated. I personally don’t blame the guy as he has probably never used a computer a day in his life. So as the guy above me so eloquently wrote, “Park well. Thanks.”

  2. This article is extremely misguided!! How can the sensless killing of citizens be likened to someone in authority, a commandant of Lagos state division not knowing the website of his agency when the sole premise of the interview was to dissect the issue of fraudulent recruitment websites of the NSCDC??? The time you spent putting this together wouldve been better spent playing PS2 or drafting a proposal for a viable business proposition. Do endeavor to park well.

  3. You have show a lot of sentiment in your writeup. There is no correlation in ALUU and a broad daylight show of shame displayed here. It not only show you the crop of people we groom in these country but we have condoned such people to places of authority. We all know no one can touch them but the little we can we will by letting them know they don’t deserve the office thank God there’s freedom of expression. So if it hurts you that much pls tell your UNCLE/DAD to be better prepared next time.

  4. Interesting comments I read here. I’m in no way related to the victim. I have my basis for talking about the #ALUU mentality. Many people have not learned anything from the goof of of the man in question. Let me park well and explain.

    I was underscoring the thought process which hasn’t changed much since Aluu. It is called unnecessary victimization. Gaffes, Satires are normal in the media. Fantastic, that #myogaatthetop is trending to what effect. Does it eraze the level of mediocrity at the leadership levels. Would that make the person the baton is being passed to eloquent and informed? Would that change the system? Would that educate all the ogas on top? You elected the system that brought the oga on top. They brought in themselves. You sit on the social media and make jest of your leader for days to the rest of the world? What is the your credibility, trust and reputation capital in the international media… Zero to none!

    Everyone is forming educated, literate, knowing what should have been said and done. Why don’t you all go there and do it! The organization has been involved in scam websites that it claims to be oblivious to, accentuate that and stop laughing off the track.
    IMO the oga at the top issue is overflogged, move onto other better and more meaningful thing.

    We understand that this has opened the eyes of people into the level of mediocrity inherent in the system. Should we then begin to create entertainment out of it. Should we then start singing and dancing to it at nightclubs? What would we be doing? Celebrating inadequacies in leadership and mentoring our kids in the wrong way. I totally support the trend. I find it however, out-of-context when we begin to dance to the songs (overflogging the public embarrassment). Our kids are watching and they don’t get it. They hear our laughter and laugh too. They hear the music and see the t-shirts, they have learnt nothing. People should use the campaign to hit the nail on the head and #occupyogasoffice and not turn into an entertainment saga.

    I chose that this would not be a balanced article, writing the pros and cons of the whole situation. This write-up is intended to give you another point of view. Is the whole drama necessary. Point dispersed and taken should it be overflogged and turned into entertainment. We would lose sight of the purpose and other relevant things that should be talked about.

    I remain yours truly, till we reach a conclusion, I would keep blaring my headlights. No time for parking.

  5. “#myogaatthetop is trending to what effect. Does it eraze the level of mediocrity at the leadership levels. Would that make the person the baton is being passed to eloquent and informed? Would that change the system? Would that educate all the ogas on top?” Okay, if #myogaonthetop is not trending then to what effect???
    Abeg #myogaplsparkwell jor!

  6. My Oga @ D Top,Nice article there. Bt d fact s dat vast majority of d pple n Nigeria no longer luk up 2 Govt 4 livelihood, dey run d govt we run our lives, u talkd abt hw we cn go out there nd effect change n d system. If d so calld leaders fails 2 gv u a chance 2 do dat wat re u going 2 do? D only tin I think s kipng Nigerians 2geda nw s simtin dat mks dem 4get their problems nd issues(Laff/comedy),y do u think there s a large turnover n d music nd entertainment industry?.Cus bro, u fynk of dis country nd u hear of scandals around u develop H-tension. Its beta we open d flops dwell on it nd positive change shows up, come 2 fynk of it, its a country where leaders demselves are shameless.

  7. wat is all this long grammar in dis article for. It is obvious most of these ogas at the top are not qualified to be there, so why didnt u talk about how our system keeps recycling people that have been in government for many decades, that r obviously not qualified to deal with the challenges of the new world. The elite are distributing positions amongst themselves maybe by tossing a coin or rolling a dice and u r here disturbing those aluu boys in their grave. Abeg park well, at least we are laughing about the problems in our leadership and not carrying guns like people in syria against our government. Abeg my grammar too don dey too plenty. I for continue but #myogaatthetop fit no approve, and all the other #ogasatthetop wey reply this article una welldone.

  8. Abegi!after speaking all ur grammar,does it change d fact dat that man doesn’t deserve that position?no vex,#park well!

  9. In case you don’t know, Bill Clinton, George Bush, even president Obama have made media gaffes and they were satired by american comedians. The only difference between here and there is that, when they notice such occurences, they embark on damage control. We don’t.

    The reason for the mockery of the commandant of Lagos state nscdc is to let the leaders know that they cannot continue to celebrate mediocrity without being subjected to public riducle and scrutiny. It let’s them know that at least when you come to address the nation, you should have your facts straight.

    The esssence of journalism is to present a balanced position. Do try to portray that bro. On a lighter note go to youtube, you will see countless music parody videos of obama, bush, clinton and al gore. People love to laugh, don’t be a sour pus. Blare ur headlight on other issues, but pls park well regarding this matter!

  10. See dis one o. Na u holy pass? i’m sure you have in one way or the other lafd @ dat Video urself and wen u realise its all getting out of hand, u come here and want to impress ur own #OgaAtTheTop by writing n trying to show us dat u know d Encyclopedia in n out. Abegi….. #ParkWell. Go anywhere 2moro n fumble n see if I will not be d 1st to finish u like Mortal Kombat. Na me send d man go der?

  11. You, the author of this article, whatever your name is, please park well. You really have nothing to say.or maybe you do but you don’t know how to express yourself. What you should have said weren’t said. You were just being angry at the wrong things. The man in question is a “state” commandant. And I’m sure the next “oga at the top” is a zonal or national commandant. So what excuse do you have for not knowing what a website is talkless of your organization’s website? And here you are comparing his case with aluu’s case. He’s an incompetent boss and doesn’t deserve an employment talkless of that position. So please address another issue and talk about something more important. Thanks.

  12. Oga author, u just have to park well. U obviously miss d issues here. A top level official is invited to an interview which is to b aired on national tv; whr he is expctd to address d problem of FAKE websites that not only defraud unsuspectn nigerians like u and I, but also bring his organization to disrepute. The very LEAST he could do was to go prepared. How has he prepared if he doesn’t know the proper website? In other countries the commandant would hv voluntarily resigned after such a shameful interview but no, never in nigeria. We hv to demand a certain level of knowledge frm our leaders but instd we love to celebrate mediocrity, managing square pegs in round holes and saying ‘e go beta one day’. The only thing this whole episode has to do with Aluu4, God bless their souls, is you making them to roll over in their graves with such insulting comparisons.

  13. To all my ogas at the top that have commented on my article, I totally enjoy your comments and respect the level of maturity that you have displayed by venting your anger on the subject and not the writer. I also agree with you all. You are right! I am right! We are all right whether we decide to agree with one another or not. We are caught between what is right, what is just and what is expected.

    The purpose of this write-up is to find out what your emotions are about #myogaatthetop.

    Are you laughing and spreading the joke because it is funny.
    Are you angry and spreading the message because it is disgraceful and represents how much training our leaders need as that video showed our shallow-mindedness in places of authority.
    Are you with mixed reactions and just want to spread the joke to ridicule the person in question?

    Whichever it is, you should think deeply.

    Are you better than the person in question? Would you do better? What skills set do you have that makes you better?

    What is your level of transparency? Can you handle a leadership position competently without swindling people?

    We should be angry indeed but channel our anger towards development and not destruction.

    My initial point was and is:
    1. Laugh at the joke and the joker
    2. Tell your friends about the joke
    3. You cannot correct the joke but the joker will be corrected
    4. Don’t make the international media think you are all jokers by making t-shirts, music and remixes and movies.
    5. There’s something called love and correction
    6. We should learn to stop victimizing people
    7. Don’t copy and paste and follow the crowd. It is unnecessary. #oga pls park well
    8. Vent your anger on this article but see another point of view.
    9. There are other pressing issues in the country. Don’t lose focus
    10. Let the joke die down and move on.

    I’ve found a parking space. Thanks.

  14. hehehehe, correct man! dont mind d fella, was about to blast him before reading comments under his post. Good riddance to bad rubbish. such spoil sport.

  15. author,abeg park well.btw that video was too damn funny.and sad too as its a reflection of evrythin wrong with naija,where knowin oga at the top is much better than havin the required skill to do the job.but as we all like to say here,one day e go better

  16. Noble u have just belittled urself with this article and also shown how shallow minded and hypocritical u are and how misplaced ur priorities are. 1st of all how can u even equate oga at d top with aluu4, it’s funny.. Wat d man did. 2ndly youth r laffin and @ d same time pained dat intelligent ppl r jobless while peeps up der r not so. Also it ridicules d recruitment and promotion process in all dis govt offices. Tell me u didn’t laugh at the joke urself. Yet because u are fortunate to have a medium to reach the world u feel its ok to feed us with ur nonsense. Better be guided.

    1. It is erroneous to assume that Noble conjured this article without looking at the name of the contributor. Noble didn’t. Besides it’s just a point-of-view, it doesn’t make the writer shallow-minded and hypocritical. You either accept or reject and state your views which are duly respected. Thanks

  17. people, calm down. i totally understand what he is saying. i didnt watch the oga at the top video and all i knew about it was that the guy said something to the effect of pleasing his voice. i didnt know he was a state general or anything like that. its just a joke. btw, am 16, part of the younger generation and whenever anyone brings up the oga at the top thing, it is not to point to the fact that this man is an incompetent official, its to the effect of his being a boss-pleaaser. most of us dont know the details. we just know its a joke.

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