Dhamani’s Mused Minds: LOVE LIKE AVOCADO

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I have asked myself beyond reason
What is it that truly makes us happy?
Without assumptions, things that make us happy,
Can also make us terribly sad.
So are we ever sincerely happy?

Like salt to Avocado,
I want to be the flavor to your soul.
But I fear that in excess, I WILL choke you.
So when do I stop?
How much salt is needed in your heart?

I believe what you have inside of you,
Is enough to protect my flaws.
And what’s in the middle?
Strong enough to shield me from hurt.
Take me now, just take me.

Like Carla Bruni’s words to Raphael,
I want your love to wrap me, intoxicate me;
Snuggle me, cuddle me, help me melt into you.
Love me Avocado.
Like Avocado, love me.



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