McDonald’s Twitter Account Get Hacked!

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I kid you not! I think McDonald’s Twitter account has been hacked except of course it is a unique kind of corporate strategy.  A lot of random tweets have been coming from McDonald’s Corporate twitter. For a few hours the account responded to followers as if the account was hacked, offering personal opinions and responding to negative comments. When a follower at mentioned, McDonald’s Corp They should leave their personal responses out of the tweets, given it is a company account. They responded, “Our strategy is a little different. Engaging with everyone positive or negative”

But you should look through the tweets and decide if they were hacked or not.

McDonalds Get Hacked Maybe 1

McDonald’s Twitter Flirting?

McDonalds Get Hacked Maybe 2

How does a Corp twitter Account have a Husband?

McDonalds Get Hacked Maybe 4

McDonalds Get Hacked Maybe 5

McDonalds Get Hacked Maybe 9

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