Man Restores Girl’s Virginity With Warm Salty Water

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A 24-year old Zimbabwe man is under arrest for molesting an 8-year old and attempting to restore her virginity with warm salty water. These startling revelations came out during the initial appearance of Lovemore Moyofrom Banhunu area in Plumtreebefore Bulawayo Magistrate, Mr Takunda Mtetwa. Moyo wasbeing charged with molestation.

Circumstances are that on 25 September last year, Moyo called the little girl into his bedroom and she complied. When she got in, Moyo ordered her to sleep on his bed and subsequently undressed her. After taking off her clothes, Moyo reportedly asked the minor to lie facing upwards and allegedly Molested her once.

During the process, the complainant reportedly experienced some pains and she screamed in a bid to attract the attention of neighbours but no one reportedly came to her rescue.
It is alleged that the accused, in an attempt to buy the consent of the little girl, urged her to be strong as he was about to finish. After the intimate abuse, Moyo is said to have used warm salty water repeatedly ‘washing’ the girl’s organ saying it was a good way of restoring her virginity and quicker healing.

The accused allegedly threatened the complainant with an unspecified action if she dared to report the matter to anyone. From the day until 5 March, it had become custom if not law for Moyo to allegedly apply warm salty water remedy on the young girl whenever he met her. It is alleged that on every occasion he sexually abused the girl, the accused was applying warm salty water under the pretext of restoring her virginity.

The matter came to light when the girl’s class teacher discovered that the girl’s health was deteriorating and upon being questioned, she narrated her ordeal to the concerned teacher.
The matter was reported to the police leading to Moyo’s arrest. For the offence, the accused was not formally charged and was remanded in custody.



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