LOOKBOOK: Deola Sagoe Presents Her Retro Classique ‘KOMOLE’ 2013 collection

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Deola Sagoe reworks a Yoruba fashion classic with a modern edge in her latest ‘Komole’ collection inspired by a Nigerian fashion icon Shade Thomas-Fahm.

Deola Sagoe first unveiled the ‘Komole’ collection in South Africa at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Africa 2012.

The collection is a throwback on the 60s/70s fashion in the Yoruba culture of short bubas and iros.  The entire collection is made out of ‘Lasque’ – an original hand-made fabric fashioned out of silk thread specially made for Deola Sagoe – almost like the traditional fabric, Aso-Oke.   The fabric is like hand-cut lace aso-oke but lighter and more fluid.

The Komole collection is a great mix of vintage and contemporary Lagos in super feminine silhouettes – elegant subtly sexy shift dresses. Colours are a blend of warm browns – light to dark intertwined with strong pastels and brief appearance of reds and lime greens and brave check patterns.

Deola Sagoe’s KOMOLE collection is wearable art at its best – to be brought out once in a while – a great conversation starter.  The designs are so futuristic, they look like they are years ahead of their time but can still fit into the present for the person who can interpret it stylishly.

The collection in some ways can only be fully appreciated by those who truly love fashion as an art.  MAGNIFIQUE!

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