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A lot of young women love their friends so damn much that they allow them make the most important decisions in their lives and relationship. They meet a new man and ask their girlfriends what they think of the man and whatever opinions they get, form the major part of their decisions.

Most women have however lost the best men because of this extremely foolish move. Now, I am not saying female friends are evil but really should your friends make the utmost decision in your life/relationship? Only you know the best for you, why not go ahead and make that best decision? These are a few reasons why you should not give your friend the right to make decisions in your life or relationship.

It is YOUR life not theirs- Whether you like to admit it or not, it is your life and your own decisions should matter. When your friends give you loving and kind advices, take it but then, think about the situation again. Yes they love you but your own perception matters. Take time to think about it deeply and go with your mind.

They just might be wrong- most times, we follow the majority but do you know the majority can be wrong sometimes? The fact that five out of your six girlfriends are saying the same thing about your man doesn’t make them right. Weigh this situation well and watch if this man is for real, rather than send him packing because of some assumption your friends have.

They might not be your real friends- your friends might not have your best interests at heart sometimes. There have been cases of girls backstabbing their friends, those type of people are not likely to give the best advice. And since there is no set down test to detect a true friend, whatever advice you are given should be accepted but thought through before the decision is made.



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