J. Cole, Fabolous, Soulja Boy React To Not Being Named In MTV’s Hottest Rappers List

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A lot of rappers including J. Cole, Soulja Boy & Loso have reacted to not being named in the controversial MTV Hottest MCs list.

After some initial kidding around, Cole downplayed not finding himself on the music network’s annual countdown this year. During an interview with DJ Drama, Cole sounded off on his exclusion. “Somebody’s gonna die,” he joked before getting serious. “I don’t know, but I don’t really give a f*ck. It is what it is. Think about it, from what they say, it’s the past year, I’ve had a quiet year.” However, he still believed that he deserved a spot in the top 10. “I should be on there,” he said, while adding, “I don’t give a f*ck, DJ Drama. They’re f*cking dead, and I’m gonna kill them.” He agreed with a lot of the other MCs that made the list including 2 Chainz and Drake, but didn’t want to give the creators any extra shine. “We shouldn’t talk about this anymore. They want this. F*ck these guys,” said Cole, who didn’t understand the logic behind the list. “Future doesn’t even give a f*ck about Kanye,” he said. “They don’t even interrupt each others’ lives and they’re not competing on the same level.”

Brooklyn rapper Fabolous, who also did not land on the list, reacted to the rundown last weekend. “I don’t know, number-wise, if everyone is in the right [position],” Fab said when asked about the debated list. “I feel those are the top ten hot, if you’re just using the word ‘hottest’ emcees in the game last year. I think Meek Mill had a great year — Future, of course, exploded that year, had some club records. A$AP Rocky, I don’t think he had the same kind of club and influence that way, his was more his sound and base. You knew his name even if you weren’t a particular fan of his music. … I think they should also change it from top ten emcees, if it’s about heat, they should just say the hottest guys in the game because sometimes it gets twisted with if you’re talking about their rapping skills, so they should more change that. Of course, 2 Chainz had a phenomenal year.”

The Top 10 even sparked some negative reactions courtesy of artists like A$AP Rocky, Kanye West and Soulja Boy Tell Em. “THAT NEW MTV LIST IS SOME BULLSH*T. IT HAS NO CREDITABILITY AND THE JUDGE PANEL HAD NO PASSION. IT WAS FIXED AND BIASED. NEXT YEAR THO,” Soulja tweeted March 8th.




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