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No matter who did the dumping in a relationship, break ups are not exactly easy. To move on however, here are some few suggestions that might actually help.

When a relationship ends, both parties aren’t exactly in the greatest moods. Hurt, anger and so many negative feelings begin to become a huge part of the people involved and they always wish they had somewhere to channel all the emotions. Here is what you can do, you can register in a gym and direct all your emotions into exercises. At the end of the day, you feel better and your body also shows off for it.

You are allowed to obsess over the relationship. As much as this might sound extremely stupid, it is a good way of getting over break ups. Obsess for like fifteen minutes, according to relationship therapist, Rachel A Sussman, “obsessing over something is actually the natural way our brains deal with change” scheduling time when you think about the whole situation might actually help you take control of it all.

Go on a thirty day cleanse. Vow not to talk to your ex in thirty days or contact him or her. As much as this is not exactly easy, it is just like a habit. When you practice a habit for thirty days, it becomes a part of you. If you do not contact your ex for a period of thirty days and do not do things that involve him or her, then it would be easy to continue life without him or her.

This is one age where break ups have been made extremely difficult. You can’t go through your bbm or twitter or facebook or instagram or whatever without running into your ex’s update or recent interactions. This is what you can do if this break up is for real and you want to move on, unfriend him/her, block him/her, delete and unfollow him/her. do whatever will remove him from your social media radar.  That way you do not have to worry about him/her popping up wherever.

Try something you have never done before, the dedication and enthusiasm this new thing would bring you would distract you from your present situation.

Let your friends understand when you need to be alone. Yes you just parted with someone you loved dearly and they want to help cheer you up, but sometimes you don’t feel like the hangouts and drinking they plan in your honour. Simply let them understand you need that time to be alone. Tell them you are not brooding but you just cannot take another one of those for the time being.



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  1. I didn’t contanct my ex for 3months…doesn’t change d way I feel about him..u just have to decide not to go bk to him until it all fades away..there’s no hard nd fast rule about going thru a heart break…u just need Grace….its been 6months nd I haven’t totally gotten over it.. I have never tried to reach him but he’s called a couple of times nd I just was able to talk to him 2ce…break up aint dat easy especially when u r d one heart broken,dating some1 new is even a bigger problem..

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