How Much Is Kim Kardashian Worth?

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From TV shows, their clothing lines (DASH & Rob’s sock line), to endorsement deals and fashion lines; it’s apparent that the reality star family isn’t struggling. But now it’s no more secret! Kim recently admitted she was worth $40 million, and the Kardashian “Klan” is worth a total of $80 million.

It is said that the family is reportedly making about $65 million a YEAR! How has Kim brought in most of it? Well, they’ve had the show for about 6 years, plus Kim makes money off of tweets, and a reported $5 million settlement with ‘Vivid’ (the porn company) over her infamous sex tape with Ray J.

Not forgetting the half-a-million Dollars she collected from Dare Art-Alade for a-45-second cameo in Nigeria.

A rep for the family’s lifestyle brands told Women’s Wear Daily, ‘the Kardashians could easily be a billion-dollar business worldwide in the next two years.’

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