Hip-Hop Producer Describes Nas Not Having Won A Grammy As “Robbery”

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With rap veteran Nas landing a spot on MTV’s “Hottest MCs in the Game” list this month, entertainment site SOHH recently spoke to his former producer Mike “Trauma” D of Arkatech Beatz to get his take on why God’s Son has yet to win a Grammy.

Having worked with Nas on records dating back to QB’s Finest and The Lost Tapes, Mike admitted he could not understand the rapper’s lack of Grammy gold.

“I don’t think he’s ‘ever’ won a Grammy,” Mike told SOHH, considering joint win or guest appearances on other artists’ records type of wins. “I don’t understand it with him being who he is. He’s such a vet and so dope in the game and then not to be able to win something [by now], I don’t understand it. It almost seems like there’s something going on behind the scenes, it’s like robbery. Why wouldn’t he get one for what he’s contributed to hip-hop?”

He also said whether Nasty Nas wins a Grammy or not in the future, it should not affect his music-making genius.

“It’s one of those weird things. He’s got to keep going, it’s just one of those weird things in music. He should keep doing what he’s doing,” Mike added. “Eventually, they’ll recognize it and if they don’t, so what? It doesn’t stop you from making great music. You know what I’m saying? It’s about the people you are making music for, they’re the ones who are telling you it’s a hit. They’re the ones that count, they’re the ones that matter.”

During the lead-up to last month’s Grammy Awards, Nas refused to address never picking up a golden trophy.

“I really don’t wanna even go there, ’cause I look at it like we already won,” the 39-year-old said, reaching out to give Sway a knowing tap on the shoulder that made it clear “we” meant all of us who’ve sustained hip-hop culture over the span of 30-plus years. “No matter what, we winners, Sway! “I’m just having a good time, I’m happy to be here … and I’m grateful to all y’all out there,” he added humbly.




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