Girls Run The World: How To Manage Male Employees

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Being in charge of anything isn’t exactly an easy task and when you are a woman, the task becomes more challenging.

Because of your sex, you need to work extra hard for you to be taken seriously and with male employees you may need to sometimes go the extra mile.

One of the few important things you should know though is you do not have to be rude. Most women believe that they will be taken for granted if they don’t go out of their way to be firm and so they get rude in the process. This is wrong and you might not get the respect you so desire. Nobody deserves to be talked to rudely and this would get you on their wrong side.

Be firm in your own feminine way. Don’t act like a man just because you want the men to be disciplined and take you as seriously as they would a male boss. Assert control and firmly but gently explain what you expect and tell them to stand by the rules. These are grown up anyway, so you don’t have to act like their mom before they follow the rules.

Do not assume the role of a mother. Most women in superior positions act like mothers to their junior colleagues at work because they want the men to be comfortable with them. This would never work. You know why? Because you’re not their frigging mom. Do not encourage anybody to come to you with their emotional/financial or personal needs. Keep the workplace strictly as the work place and do not mix work with “therapy” or “motherhood” except you work in a daycare of course. This would ensure a work environment and you would not be taken for granted.

Do not communicate with your male employees the way you do with the female employees, because interactions and responses are generally different. The way a man responds is not the way a woman responds. Women tend to talk more and offer more explanation but a man rounds it all up in one statement. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t respect you or that he can’t stand you or that he is planning a vendetta against you, it simply means that’s how he is. He gives you what you need in a comprehensive yet short statement.

Do not date your subordinates. This is too sensitive to venture in. If you can’t help his looks and the feelings you’re getting, then maybe you should just take it far way from the office. You know why? You’d create an unhealthy working atmosphere for everybody. If you both can handle it, your colleagues and every other person might just not be able to handle it. His co-workers might assume you’d favour him and be selfish and you wouldn’t blame them. It would create some sort of rivalry which won’t exactly be healthy. Do not mix sex or emotions with work.



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