Dr. Sid unfollows everyone on Twitter, Starting Afresh

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I‘m starting over. #lifeistooshort live your life and let others live theirs “what YOU eat doesn’t make ME shit”. My true followers will understand, for everyone else all i can say is sorry. If you’re still here when i’m ready to continue, we’ll have fun together if not hope you have a fulfilled life‘. Dr. Sid

What’s up with Dr. Sid? I know it must be pretty tough times for him now. Our heart goes out to him. In my opinion I believe he should lay low for now, not generating controversies. The Kanye West kinds of stunts. Followed by all. Following none, later following one; his wife-to-be.

Unfollowing all, including the Maven boss, Don Jazzy. Starting afresh like Wizkid said a few weeks back. Am I reading too much between the lines? Maybe.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed and find what the music doctor is up to and his motivation for posting this picture below.


Segun Adekoye

Segun Adekoye

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