Do you Give Head?

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I received this mail from a reader sometime last week and i have been contemplating whether to post it up or not. I have finally decided to do so because i realize you out there might be able to give this lady the answers or solutions she might or might not be seeking depending on where her mind is right now.


From Isabella, Akwa-Ibom Nigeria

I have been dating my boyfriend for about 7 months now. We have a very good relationship going on, I mean the Sex is great and all that. However the problem is, he doesn’t like to give head. I on the other hand am very generous in passing the favor, not because i am a cheap slut who likes to go down on guys, but because i Love him. I have never really liked giving oral stimulation until i fell completely in love with my boyfriend. There is no time we have sex that i don’t use my tongue on him. I think because i love him i just generally love to do it.

So please, is this a situation of my boyfriend not loving me enough to return the favor and give me head? I have done everything known to woman on earth.I keep my V neatly waxed and smooth, i know i don’t smell bad cause i have very good hygiene routines.. so what is the problem?Everytime i talk to him about it, it generally ends up in a fight. I have been tempted to let another guy go down on me since my boyfriend wouldn’t. But i don’t want to cheat on him. Please help me



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