360Downloads: Shae Mix | Aww Baby + Let My Dj + This is It

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All the way frim Welkom, South Africa, 23 year old SHAE MIX owns shelves of books and journals filled with lyrics he has been writing since age 9.

This youg man has done it all, from betting and professional football to drug slanging and now he’s become the man and MC he has always wanted to be.

His first single ‘WHO I WANT TO BE’ remain a hit in S.A and he also has a couple of great songs including a 9 track albumin stores in S.A, Amazon and iTunes. He has a tour lined up with U-Pary for an 8 city tour in Soth Africa and an additional tour in the US of A powered by promoters of Tyga et Trey Songz.

‘AWW BABY’, ‘LET MY DJ’ AND ‘THIS IS IT’ are his official singles for West Africa. Keep an eye on him.

http://hu.lk/oeiu8s5te4n4    –   AWW BABY

http://hu.lk/s93jgilmlerk    –    LET MY DJ

http://hu.lk/jlk5or79smio   – THIS IS IT





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