15-year-old Nigerian girl helped Cops catch three burglars in America

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A courageous 15-year-old girl from California turned the tables on a trio of home burglars by calling 911 while hiding in the closet and helping police collar the perpetrators.

Doyin Oladipupo was alone at her Chula Vista home at around 1pm Tuesday when she heard the doorbell ring followed by a beep of the alarm system indicating that someone had opened a window.The quick-thinking Eastlake High School junior ran upstairs to her mother’s bedroom, took off her shoes to avoid making noise and grabbed a phone.The teenager called her mother and then dialed 911 before finding refuge under a rack of clothes in her parents’ large walk-in closet.While in hiding, Oladipupo remained on the line with the 911 dispatcher, giving her updates on the unfolding burglary in hushed tones.The girl stayed composed but was worried that the intruders would spot her bright blue toe nail polish.

‘I just didn’t know what to think,’ she later recounted to the San Diego Union-Tribune. ‘I thought it was a bad dream and I was going to wake up.’The dispatcher on the phone instructed the teen how to communicate with her without speaking, according to ABC10.
‘Can you tell me you understand by tapping the phone once that do not open the door?’ the dispatcher says. On the 911 call a tap is heard.

At one point, the burglars entered the closet where the terrified girl was hiding, stealing jewelery and other prized possessions that caught their eyes. But despite Oladipupo’s concerns, they left without discovering her. I just seriously can’t believe they didn’t see me or didn’t hear me or anything,’ Oladipupo later recalled. The girl was still on the phone with the dispatcher, who reassured her that police officers are on their way. A short time later, the 911 operator gave her the good news that her home was surrounded by law enforcement officials.

On the 911 recording, an officer could be heard calling out to Oladipupo, asking here if she were inside the closet. The three suspects in the robbery, two of them 17 years old and the third 18-year-old Robin Sadik, were busted by police putting stolen property into a car parked nearby.The trio were taken into custody after Oladipupo identified some of the items in the vehicle as her family’s property.Investigators believe the suspects may be responsible for other home invasions in the area. Also, the vehicle they were using as their getaway car was reported stolen from El Cajon last week, police said. The two minors in the case are now facing burglary charges. Sadik also stands accused of auto theft, possession of stolen property, conspiracy and obstructing police. Doyin’s mother, Adebisi Jinadu, told ABC News that she never knew until now how strong her young daughter is.

‘She’s got an inner strength and it showed yesterday,’ Jinadu said.

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