When Does Toasting End?

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I have had friends in committed relationship tell me, “I am the girl, he should be the one running after me” while they go ahead to do something undeniably stupid. What most girls do not know/understand is that, once you agree to be his, then the chase is finally over!

Men love the chase. They love to watch their object of interest evade them while they go after her, convincing her that she should be with them. From mechanic, to vulcanizer, to high class banker, to lawyer to business mogul, they all love the chase their love-interest give them, because it is in them, men love to work for their things, it is all a huge part of their ego.

But there comes a period when the chase ends and another phase begins. When you agree to be with this man, then he relaxes, not because the initial love is gone but because he truly loves you and he doesn’t see any reason why he should continue “chasing” what he’s got. Why? Because it makes no sense whatsoever.

You have set rules in your relationship and both of you have agreed to be committed, how about you abide by those and give it your all? Do not expect him to give 70percent just because he is the man. That is like him expecting some ridiculous things from you just because you are the woman. Do not go ahead to start fights just because you need to give him a reminder that he is the man and you are the woman and he needs to beg you from time to time.

When you are wrong, apologise, don’t sulk and expect him to bring roses and red bottoms and a range rover sport to your doorstep to beg. Because as much as men love to chase, they also hate to be overridden. Their pride doesn’t let it. And when a man’s ego is bruised, then he begins to act distant and that might be trouble for that relationship. So why not just act like a grown up to avoid that?



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