Waconzy Relocates From His Port-Harcourt Base To Dv8 Mansion Lekki Lagos

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Anyanwu Obinna Kelvin a.k.a. WACONZY SupaMAN has recently relocated from his Port Harcourt base to Dv8 Mansion lekki, Lagos state.

Fresh from another performance trip to Germany, WACONZY said he moved to Lagos because of the nature of his business and music career.

‘As the CEO of DV8 MEDIA, I run an Entertainment company, importation and car dealing business as well, so it is only natural to have a permanent residence in Lagos where most of my transactions take place, so that I don’t have to be frequently shuttling here and there’.

Waconzy’s Lagos home is a duplex located in ocean view Estate, Lekki, Lagos

Here are some pictures..

N/B: the long awaited MBG (Money Back Guarantee) out in few weeks …

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