The O Twins 3D Animated Series to Launch Globally in 2013

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Lagos, Nigeria – February 14th, 2013: The O Twins is the title of an upcoming 3D Animated Comedy Television Sitcom featuring Tami, Timi, Mom and Dad. The show centers on a family living in the city of Lagos.

Fusion Media’s 3D animated series “The O Twins,” will make its debut this year and for the first time in a long time, families will be reunited in their living rooms!

Fusion Media first released a teaser in 2009 to test market appetite for its original 3D animated series. The O Twins received overwhelming positive feedback from audiences, media companies, TV stations and other video distributors globally. The company is currently developing the series and is seeking partnerships.


About Fusion Media

Fusion Media is a progressive entertainment company that is dedicated to providing high quality African Inspired TV series, feature length films and other general entertainment through development, production, financing, packaging and exploitation of quality and innovative content for the worldwide marketplace.

Join us as we usher in Nigeria’s first Family Animated Series…The O Twins!

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Twitter: @fusionmetv


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Twitter: @TheOTwinstTV


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