The Competition Begins: Microsoft Might Release Xbox 720 In April

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As Sony announced the Playstation 4 just 2 days ago, the focus has turned to Microsoft and the Xbox 720 to see if they can step up to the competition. And it seems they plan to do so as early as April.

In addition to the majority of the video game industry believing Microsoft plans on unveiling their next-generation Xbox in early April, it looks as through Ustechs, who is a platform holder who has worked with Microsoft on a number of media briefings, has registered the domain

Both companies have normally shown off their next-generation consoles at E3, so holding media briefings outside of the show is something unique to this generation of consoles. When you consider how aggressive both companies have been with its products over the years, we can’t blame either Sony nor Microsoft for wanting to get the ball rolling on the next generation of game consoles as soon as possible.




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