That Family Reunion …Episode 13

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I slowly open my eyes and look around the unfamiliar environment. I’m in a hospital ward, on the bed and standing near me, looking very worried is Kunle Davies.

“Are you okay?” He asks; the concern unmistakable. I can see he is clearly concerned and I feel terrible for ruining a night he had perfectly planned. His hands gently feel my body as if to know if I feel better through that.

Oh I feel bad for putting an end to that amazing night by fainting “I’m so sorry I…”

“Don’t be sorry for anything Morenike. I was scared out there tonight. You didn’t tell me you weren’t feeling good. How long have you even be feeling that way?” he cuts in and places a kiss on my forehead. Then without waiting for a response, he continues “The doctor says it is exhaustion and he has prescribed a few drugs.”

I nod and smile. “Did he say I can go home?”

“Sure. He says it is nothing to spend the entire night here for” He responds and helps me sit up.

I’m grateful for that. How I hate hospital environments.

“Can we leave now?” I ask him, I do not want to spend an extra minute here. I want my bed, not this place.

“Yes. Let me talk to him” he says and excuses himself. I watch him leave and I smile, now I know why Tokunbo wouldn’t let go, who would want to let another woman have this wonderful man? So handsome, sweet and romantic.

We leave the hospital soon and head home after some minutes. My son is asleep when I get home and I walk in to kiss him. Kunle follows me to my bedroom and gently tucks me into bed like a little girl.

“You need to stop stressing yourself Morenike” he says to me after I’m in bed.

“I haven’t physically stressed myself in days.” I respond, I know I haven’t.

“Whatever is the cause for the exhaustion has to go away. So rest more often, it is a good thing Celebrate is around to help. And I’m glad you aren’t working for now” he says and I nod. “I would see you in the morning” He adds and then goes ahead to place a kiss on my forehead.

And for the first time ever, I desperately want him to stay over.

“You won’t stay over tonight?” I ask.

“No. There’s something I have to take care of at home” he replies.

“What is it?” I ask and he stares at me for a while without saying anything as if trying to debate whether to speak or not. “Is anything wrong?”

“Promise me you won’t take this the wrong way” he answers and I wonder what it is.

“Come on Kunle, say whatever it is.” I urge

He pauses and I know something is wrong. I sit up gently, trying to prepare myself for whatever it might be as my heart slowly starts to beat fast. I sigh inwardly; it doesn’t take so much for it to beat fast these days does it?

“Tokunbo arrived at my flat this morning”

I blanch and as the next few minutes pass, I find myself staring at him with no expression whatsoever, I am not even thinking anything, my head is blank, my mind is blank as well. He had her in the house all day and he was doing all that Valentine stuff for me? I just knew it was too good to be true! Damn men and their…their secrets!

“Get out” I blurt.

“Come on Morenike! You can’t ask me to do that. I have been with you the most part of the day. That should mean something” he says, utterly surprised at my response.

“And why didn’t you say a word about it?” I want to know.

“Because it meant nothing!” He responds.

“Why are you saying it now then?” I ask. It suddenly means something?

“Woman, don’t make this hard for us, Okay? You are the one I’m here with, you are the one I care about” he says to me. “That should at least mean something to you.”

“But she is the one you are going home to tonight! Am I about to be the other woman again?” I ask him angrily.

“You won’t even believe me if I told you no” he answers and steps closer. “Morenike…”

“Kunle, get out of my flat.” I interject

“You don’t mean that” he says to me, holding my hands as if trying to make me take back my words.

I remove my hands from his grip “you told me she was gone, didn’t you?”

“Yes. And you saw her leave as well. It is not my fault this woman won’t stay away” he says, trying hard to convince me.

“So it is my fault?” I ask. No, I’m not making this easy for him. I’m not going to be a side chic to yet another man. Not even one I know I’m falling insanely in love with.

“It is not your fault, just listen…”

Again, I don’t let him finish “how did she even know your flat?” I demand. “I mean you said she just found you after a long time some weeks ago, so how in the world did she find your house?”

He stares at me for a while and then sighs. “You know what? I’d leave and I would see you in the morning. Have a good night.” Then he strolls out of the room. I hear the front door close and I hear Celebrate turn the lock. Tokunbo? In lagos? What the hell for? Why am I allowing myself to be in this stupid love triangle? Wait, what was my life like without stupid unnecessary drama?

I try to remember the period before it and I wish for the love of me that I can have it again as I drift into sleep.

During the night, I dream about me and Tokunbo getting in a catfight and of course I win.

When morning comes, Kunle arrives at my flat as promised. I need to tell him it’s okay for him to go straight to work from his house at least now that he’s back with his fiancée; That stupid bitch.

“Are you still angry about last night?” He asks me as I pack my son’s lunchbox.

“Do what you please with your life” I respond icily.

“Morenike I love you and I don’t play like that” he says to me but I’m not listening. “See, Makin hurt you but I’m not Makin. And the earlier you realise that the better for us.”

“I won’t be needing your help this morning. I can drop my son myself” I say to him. He doesn’t even argue with me, he leaves as soon as I say that. I feel a pang of hurt as I watch him leave. I know I’m driving him away but I can’t handle a messy love life.

As I drive my son and Celebrate to their individual schools that morning, I wonder if he slept in the same room with Tokunbo. I’m jealous and I can’t help it. Screw that bitch who won’t stay away. Can’t she just leave the man alone?

I begin to feel dizzy as soon as I drop both Ore and Celebrate off. What type of exhaustion can make me feel this way? It is way too constant and I wonder what it might be, I’m feeling nausea as well and I…wait, I can’t be pregnant can I? When was the last time I had my period? Oh my! Alarm bells start to ring as I head towards the closest pharmacy around. I had unprotected sex with Kunle the first time we did it and…Christ, I cannot be on my way to being a mommy again. Not yet.

I buy different pregnancy test strips and pee sticks and every other thing the pharmacy has that tests pregnancy, I need to be sure so the more the better. Morenike you can’t be a mommy again. Not yet, I tell myself as I speed home. Jeez, the constant dizziness, nausea and grogginess.

I race into my bathroom as soon as I get home and the first strip comes out negative. I sigh, relieved and then check the others, one can never be too sure with these things. Then I patiently wait and check one after the other. I tap my feet impatiently as the tests seem to be taking forever. I roll my eyes, do these things know they have my destiny in their hands? I walk into my room and pace, I’m scared to go in and check. After a few minutes, I boldly decide it is time to know if I’m about to be a mom again. I start towards the toilet but I’m stopped as I hear a knock on my door.



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  1. Haba Tomi, u r nt nyc oooo….. Chai!!!! I will av to wait anoda weekkk!! Dis is unbelieveable….. Pls post anoda 1 tomorrow**teary eyes** dis suspense is too much

  2. Tooooooommmmmiiiillllllooooollllaaaa why now…..u wan use suspense finish us ohhhhh……getting more interesting…..who knows it might be Tokunbo @ d door

  3. Madam Coco, u are not a nice somebody o, this suspense is killing. My heart is in my mouth right now and I can’t wait for another Wednesday to reach fast. I wish ur birthday was tomorrow so u give us another episode as a treat..*crying*

  4. Haba!Tomi! Y naa? U want me 2 kidnap u? Ok……..2moro s my birthday. U can send d complete story 2 my mailbox. Thanks in advance.
    Great job…….u make my wednesdays. Gracia!

  5. Ahn ahn nau…Tomi stop punishing us unecessarily haba…do I av to wait for anoda whole week.hian!pls stop ds punishment n perhaps todays own is too short,ur cheating us.mai boos buyday is tomao pls do us some treat n give us anoda episode tomorrow*puppy face* I’m sure its tokunbo@dat door.foolish geh.

  6. Renike might just be pregnant and Kunle knows and he’s trying to run away. #Justsaying because this tomi of a girl can put a new twist to it. Why isn’t tomorrow vals tho.

  7. Am sorry buh I keep thinking “won’t I die of suspense if this is played as a tv series?” Seriously tomi,u are good,no!!! “awe-some”(my fav word)

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