That Family Reunion …Episode 11

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I stay there as if transfixed taking in all of this man’s details. Who did he come to see? Where is the real Head of PR, you know the Creative Head? The one who should be standing by this table, in this room and the one who I would be reporting to for a very long time to come; I refuse to believe it is Kunle Davies.

“Good morning Miss Alabi” He breaks the silence in a rather formal tone and stretches his hand forward for a handshake, “I take it that you are the Assistant Creative Head and Brand Manager and that we are about to quickly but carefully discuss a few important details before I meet with the rest of the department”. He takes his hand back and keeps both in his pockets when I don’t receive the handshake. And why is he sounding so formal? I frown.

“Please take your seat” he says and this time I am able to move. Suddenly I feel nude! How can? How can Kunle Davies be my boss? Does that mean I have slept with my boss the second time? Oh my, the rule I hate to break…again! Well, I didn’t technically sleep with my boss, I mean I didn’t know he would be here as my boss. I sit and he takes his seat behind the table. And suddenly, as if just recovering my senses, it occurs to me, this is what Makin meant by “We“. Kunle is the new boss he and Mr Lambo had just brought in. Crap!

“Where do we start from?” He asks and I wonder if he has amnesia because he doesn’t act like he’s seen me before.

The meeting commences and I try to find my voice as we discuss everything the firm is working on and a few projects we started the year before and would be executing soon. I soon warm up to the environment and I take charge of my work the way I am known for.

When we finally meet with the rest of the PR team, I am way more relaxed than I was when I discovered Kunle in the office.

The whole departmental heads and assistants, including Mr Lambo and my very annoying baby daddy, Makin, finally come in together around 12pm for the major meeting. I take my seat next to Kunle, Mr Lambo and Makin by the side of the huge boardroom table as the meeting commences. Uche gets up to speak about our newest account

“This account is the Optimum milk account isn’t it?” Kunle asks as soon as Uche starts talking, she nods.

“I’m afraid we need to hold on. We can’t work on that. Who brought in this account?” He inquires.

“I did sir” Uche responds.

“Bad move. We already have Mama’s Love as a client, a major client that this company has been representing for five years now and which is Optimum milk’s biggest competitor” he says

Well, he has done his assignment, I note to myself as I take my time to drink in his every detail. Most of the past bosses don’t even know clients’ names until one official car, house, fat salary, months after. The man is sexy handling his business sha, how am I supposed to work closely with him like this? For a second, I imagine us doing “it” on his beautiful office table…

“Miss Alabi are you still here with us?” Kunle jumps into my thoughts. I’m embarrassed, if I was white, I’d be flushed. I catch Makin’s eye as he flashes me a not so good look, well screw you baby daddy, I think.

“You were saying…?” I ask and he pauses and I swear I see a look of concern briefly flash on his face but it disappears before I can make anything of it.

“You were aware of the Optimum milk account” he says and I nod

“We have managed competitors in the past and we do it very well with no hassles whatsoever” I respond matter-of-factly.

“Miss Alabi is good with that” Mr Lambo says, thanks for the vote of confidence Mr Lambo, but can we please not make me have to talk to this man who makes me nervous in a room full of people?

“Yes but we cannot do it again. It makes no sense for us to represent competitive clients. What happens when both of them have a major clash, that’s competitive interest, do we represent them equally? What do we do?” He wanted to know. I pause and Mr Lambo, a good PR person himself looks at me as if waiting for me to produce an answer. He is the boss; he approves these things after the creative head gives a go ahead, why then is he looking at me, expecting me to save the day? I know most of the approvals he gives; he does because the creative head has given before and because he’s actively involved in other businesses that includes a big Ad Agency, which he focuses more on. His partner, Makin stares at me too but I know it’s not because he expects me to answer, he looks like he’s mad at me for something. I can’t place what it is and I honestly don’t care.

I speak “the only time we have had a situation similar to this, we talked both clients out of the situation…”

Kunle doesn’t let me finish “Do you still represent both firms?” He asks

I shake my head “No sir” haha, Sir for Kunle though? Sounds strange; Briefly, I imagine moaning sir while he does unimaginable things to me. Focus Morenike! I yell at myself.

“What happened?”

I tell him carefully what really ensued during that time and how one of the clients fired us; his PR team.

“And I’m sure I don’t need to explain to you why he fired you.” He says and I don’t say anything. “No more conflict of interest, we cease to represent firms that are competing henceforth”

The meeting ends about two hours after and when we are all leaving the room, Makin turns to look at me and says “See me in my office Miss Alabi”

I roll my eyes at him as he marches out of the room. Uche flashes me a look of concern and whispers “be fine doll”. I smile at her, assuring her that I intend to be fine. I stomp towards Makin’s office, the one he shares with Lambo even though he’s not around 80percent of the time.

“Yes, what is it?” I snap immediately I step in.

“Would you at least shut the door?” He says with a frown on his face. I close the door and face him squarely.

“You do realise I have a lot of work to do right?” I spit, “now, would you let me go boss?” I say, knowing fully well he cannot miss the sarcasm.

“I see the way you look at him; You are sleeping with him aren’t you?” He asks coldly, he is clearly mad. Mad at me for sleeping with whomever I choose? Isn’t this man in dire need of a brain doctor?

“And how is that your business? Did I in any way, register my Vagina with you?” I respond, he’s got to be kidding. Since when did my sexual life become his damn business anyway?

“My son is with you” he says

What? I cannot believe this. “Listen Makin, I love my son but being with you was a mistake and I would like for you to stop reminding me!” I yell and make to leave.

“Ore would always remind you that I slept with you even if you decide to forget. Those nights we spent together, first, on this table, then on your bed and then mine, in your kitchen, in my car, in….”

Ok, I can’t take this anymore, “Shut up!” I cut in and he keeps quiet. I turn to face him, what in the world is going on with this man? Is he insane? What is he trying to do? I’m confused!

“All those things happened because I didn’t know you were a lying bastard!” I try my best to keep calm but I can’t help it. He is driving me nuts and I feel like I’m going to explode.

“You know how I object to being insulted” he says to me, I can sense the anger in his voice but at this point I do not care.

“You think I care about that right now? You idiot! How dare you decide who I sleep with? I made a mistake with you and I am not allowed to live a normal life anymore?” This is the first time I have been verbal about the hurt and disappointment I felt when I discovered Makin had been lying to me. Now I feel like I can’t stop myself from saying it all.

“You call our son a mistake?” He asks as if he can’t believe how nervy I’ve become.

“Do not play on my intelligence because you damn well know what I mean!” I scream, forgetting we are at work, “you didn’t tell me you were married” I add, trying to calm myself by reducing my voice, then I continue “it was an affair that felt good until your wife stumbled in on us here, on this damn table”

I remember that day, Makin and I had continued our passionate affair by doing “it” on the table just after Lambo had gone out for lunch; we were in the middle of it when his wife whom he had forgotten to go pick at the airport walked in on us having sex. Luckily for me, she didn’t create a scene, she closed the door, introduced herself to a very embarrassed me, slapped her husband hard across the face and left just as quietly as she’d come. I had ended the affair right there and then, only for me to discover a little Makin growing in my womb weeks after. I had been devastated.

I stare at him now, wanting to hit him hard till he becomes unconscious. Lying, cheating bastard. I hate him for what he did to me, I know I did. He has been tailing me since then, just because he didn’t want me to end the stupid affair. I watch him march towards me, he drags me to the table and pins me against it, I try to break free but he doesn’t let me.

“You are supposed to be mine” he says quietly.

“I am not supposed to be yours and I’d never be. Go meet your wife and Muna!” I respond, trying harder to pull away. Why is he so obsessed with me anyway?

“Are you jealous? Are you jealous Muna is going to be my second wife and that she’s carrying my baby?” He says smiling, his tongue now tickling my neck, is he insane?

“Of course not. I don’t care about you!” I say, utterly disgusted at this man. Is he proud to have another woman carrying his fourth child? Doesn’t he learn? Since when did it become cute to have it the Tuface way?

“You don’t?” He inquires and like that forces he tongue into my mouth as his hand finds my breast, I struggle to fight free but I’m not as strong as he is, he puts his hand under my dress and begins to tug at my panties, I can’t believe this. Am I about to be raped? My heart begins to beat faster and I feel like I have a mild headache due to the shouts and the rough way he just handled me. I think I hear voices at the door and I’m grateful, I expect him to get off me but he doesn’t and he forcefully kisses me as the door swings open. I finally succeed in pushing him away, in time for me to see his wife and Kunle Davies standing there, staring at us in shock.

Oh please ground, today is the day you swallow me!



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  1. Holy crap! I feel so sad 4 Nike. Y can’t Makin let her be naa?
    Nice job Tomi,cash ya lerra 2moro. No forgerring ooo. We are waiting!

  2. Oh dear ground,plz open and swallow Morenike… Shit shit shit shit shit!!!!!! Like serzly,his wife and Kunle!!! Worst combo! I cld shoot Makin ryt now! I’m lovin dis Tomi! Thumbs up dear! Impressive.

  3. Tomilola we are waiting please…to say I thought u were going to dish out episode 12 just as 11 was still hot…I av checked back like a million times.

  4. This is a masterpiece,u ve suceeded in capturin d fascinated attention of ur readers…captivating wt so much suspense,thumbs up! Cant wait for anothr episode tmrw.

  5. awesome story! loved it but was thrown off by a few details. “Assistant Creative Head and Brand Manager “? Those two titles do not work together. Tomi, the god is in the detail. Research for your stories well. Still, loved reading.

  6. Thanks Tatafo! I’m glad you like the series. I did my homework before and during this series(like I do for everything I write) and I read it online that its very possible to combine both titles. I however am not a PR person and I appreciate that you pointed out that mistake. U’re the best. I’d do my research more carefully next time. Hope u read Zest Ville too. X

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