That Family Reunion …Episode 10

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Hi friends! My name is Tomilola and its good to be here with you again, I appreciate the constant readers, new readers and the oh, so dedicated readers who “dig out” more readers. I love you like a love song. Keep the comments and love coming, y’all are the reason I write. Next week is Valentine’s day and it is not a Wednesday, but I was thinking, since it is a day of love, why don’t we have another episode of That Family Reunion that day? That’ll make two episodes next week! If you want it, I’ll do it. Tell in your comments if you want two episodes next week. Now let’s get to today’s business. 🙂

I look from my baby daddy to my er…sex partner? Friend? Mate? Okay, no suitable word just yet but how do these two people know each other? Why did Kunle come out at all?

“I didn’t know you were back, we weren’t expecting you until first week in January.” Makin speaks.

We? Who are the “we”? Makin seems to have relaxed and his expression isn’t cold anymore, Kunle must be someone he knows pretty well. Mo daran.

“No wonder Morenike was cold to me, now I see why” he adds with heavy sarcasm and for a split second, there’s an awkward silence in the room. This man needs a brain check, I decide inwardly.

“I came in just last week. How is the family?” Kunle responds smiling, carefully ignoring his other statement. “And how is Kike doing these days?” He asks, referring to Makin’s wife.

Makin nods and smiles “she is fine and the kids are fine as well” the kids he ironically has all over the world, including one in my flat; Foolish man.

“Does Lambo know you’re back?” Makin asks. Oh crap! Kunle knows my boss as well? Was that what Makin meant by “we” earlier? Mr Lambo is best friends with Makin and they both own the PR firm I work for, and even though Makin dedicates his time to his entertainment company most times, this has allowed him the opportunity to monitor my work life a lot, something that makes me uncomfortable.

I fold my arms, maybe I should ask for popcorn and a can of coke just so I can view the drama well. I watch both of them act like I’m not there and discuss old times, they apparently schooled in the same University and even had their masters degree in the same place. Hehe and my vagina brought them together today. Damn it! I’ve got to make right choices in the New Year; I can’t continue to attract drama like a magnet everywhere I go.

In a way, I don’t like the fact that Makin knows the man I’m involved with, because since I left him and had Ore, he’s been trying to monitor everything I do. Including the men I see.

“I should leave now. I have an appointment to catch up with soon” Makin says and I come back to the present. “See you later” he says to me and leaves. He didn’t even see the son he claims to have come to see.

I turn to look at Kunle, “what was that?” I ask, anger boiling inside of me.

“I know your baby daddy” he responds

“Oh please don’t play games with me, Not this time! Why in the world did you leave the room?” I ask, temper rising

“Ore asked for tea”

I shake my head as my anger ovewhelms me “See you cannot come to my house and play daddy and husband! I don’t want you interfering in my space!” I yell.

He is stunned “Morenike, be calm. Don’t be worked up for nothing” he tries to calm me.

“You call this nothing? You know my baby daddy and start drama in my flat.”

He can’t understand why I’m so worked up; I can see it in his face.

“Get out” I say.

“Why?” He asks gently. Too gentle for someone who is being yelled out for no reason whatsoever.

“Because I don’t ever want to see you.” I respond and then add “again”. Can I even handle that?

I expect him to storm out of the sitting room, go get dressed and leave but instead he inches closer and says “I thought last night made a difference”

What? I swallow hard. This man o, kai can somebody just be sane around him and his Ryan Gosling moves?

Without thinking I respond “Last night was just sex, get over it Kunle” and he watches me leave the room.

Kunle leaves and just like the time before my family reunion, my life returns to normal, me, Ore and Celebrate. I should be happy that it’s all over, the family drama, getting away from Kunle and his never ending mysteries, never having to worry about Mobola and her brain damaged mother, but I miss it. I miss Kunle. Maybe I haven’t made the right choice but what is the right choice?

Days pass, the New Year begins and I feel like nothing eventful happens. I look forward to resuming work, maybe that’ll bring a spark? No signs of Kunle at all, how would there be signs? Did I even give him my number or anything? And I banned him from my flat. I decide not to think much of him until Ore’s first morning back at school and mine at work when he asks “Where is Uncle Kunle”

When it comes to answering this little boy’s questions, I am clueless. I search for an answer and finally settle for one “He has travelled. He would come and visit soon“. Lying mother! My conscience screams. God help me.

I resume work as soon as I’ve dropped my son off at school and Celebrate at the closest bus stop to his school. I should be excited, I’m wearing a new dress by my favourite local designer, a figure hugging red dress that does so well in flattering my curves and on my feet are new court shoes, but I’m not excited. I’m nervous instead; why I am I do not know.

A lot of “Happy new years” bounce back and forth in the office as I enter, everyone is happy to be back, everyone except me.

“Nice dress!” Uche comments as I near my office and catches up with me; she is my “office friend” as I would call her, the closest thing to a close friend because I don’t keep those.

“Thanks Uche” I respond. “Happy new year”

She plants a kiss on my cheek in response. “That your designer abi?” She asks, eyeing the dress.

I nod.

“Beautiful” she remarks. “Let me steal her contact, so she can make my birthday dress. My birthday dress has to rock this office”

I laugh as we both enter my office and I promise to give her my designer’s contact.

“New boss coming in today” she states, “I hope he or she is nice sha. That other oyinbo one that left almost got me poisoning his coffee” she straightens her dress and glances at her reflection in the small mirror she’s holding. I open my window blinds, I have missed my office, my work, I am somewhat glad to be back I admit to myself as I look out of my window that overlooks the sea, one of the best scenery I’ve ever seen.

“I heard he’s in Malaysia now, I hope someone there cooks his kidney for him to eat. Foolish man” Uche continues, apparently discussing our former boss. I chuckle, she hated his guts and truthfully, we all did, She just seem to have hated him more.

“I don’t know for this our company sef, always flying in oyinbo people to head the PR team. You honestly should discuss with Mr Lambo though ’cause I know you won’t like to have this conversation with Mr Makin Oni, if he won’t make you head of PR like you deserve, he should make you partner or something, don’t you feel stagnated? I mean, being in the same position for two years and knowing you might not be going further than that?” She asks, a bit of concern in her voice.

I know, it is very frustrating to know you can do more in a position but your superior(s) refuse to see it, rather they’d fly in different people from outside the country to head the department. I remember the two times I had tried to tender my resignation letter, my boss Mr Lambo had refused and increased my salary but he didn’t let me go. He had even threatened mildly to ensure no other PR company employed me. I’d stayed back and watched him bring in one white man after the other, to head and sometimes frustrate my effort. Sometimes, I feel Makin has a lot to do with keeping me here so he can monitor my life but a lot of times I dismiss the thought as silly.

“I can handle it for now Uche.” I respond as I take a seat behind my desk.

“Hmm…are you sure? You are an asset here o, don’t forget that.” She says

“I know. I’m taking my time, I don’t want to do anything that’ll jeopardise my career and at the same time I’m aware I have to move. I’m just being smart about it” I say to her

“Are u sure it’s not ’cause of your baby daddy you are being careful?” She asks. I quickly shake my head and she shrugs.

“Do what is best for you” she says and again checks her reflection in the mirror. “Hmm…my Christmas was so dramatic”

Thank God I’m not the only one, I say to myself, relieved at the change in topic.

“No family reunion this year because my cousin took another of our cousin’s wife and the family has scattered on top of that”

I laugh, this sounds more interesting than mine and because I don’t want to talk about mine because I am fully aware discussing it would mean mentioning Kunle Davies, I urge her to go on “oya spill”

“Ah that one took his girlfriend to meet him o and before he knew it, his girlfriend was preggos for his cousin. Real family wahala because the original owner of girlfriend wanted to die there. And the girl isn’t fine sef, thank God for fake Marykay and red lipstick and let’s not forget cheap brazilian weave” she adds

I burst out laughing and I realise this is my first genuine laughter in a long time.

“So what happens next?” I ask, totally interested in the story.

“Who knows?” Uche asks, she pockets her small mirror, she’s got one of the biggest asses ever, forget Nicki Minaj’s, Uche’s is the real deal. A lot of companies have insisted she did their commercial whenever they wanted to shoot and she has sourced more clients than any other person in the company. Her place in the finance department is stable; she is an asset just as I am to the company. A few people have even rumoured an ‘on and off’ affair going on between her and the oga patapata Mr Lambo. I know there was a thing but I never ask.

“We sha no do reunion, so na me and my mama kill chicken and eat alone for house. My elder brothers came home sha and we had fun. But we couldn’t stay away from the drama. My boyfriend didn’t even make Christmas, he came back on the 2nd.” She states. “Let me join the others before they start gossiping again, we have a meeting”

I nod “we also have ours but that’ll be when the new boss resumes” I say

“I hope he would sha be better than that other bald headed albino that called himself oyinbo.” She hisses and heads towards the door “see you later sweerie” she blows a kiss and leaves.

I sigh. Uche is a handful but I love her. I turn on my laptop and try to get busy before the new head of PR resumes, I wouldn’t want to seem clueless when he or she finally shows up. What Uche said runs through my mind and I feel l have to leave soon. I have paid my dues and served the company well, maybe I just should leave now. I shouldn’t let Mr Lambo threaten me and bar me from making a reasonable career move, I’m 29, I need to keep pushing, probably even make a bold and beneficial move before my next birthday, which is in a few months.

My blackberry buzzes and I see it’s Uche pinging me. “Your meeting might be starting soon after all. The new boss is here. Warning, this one is hawt ;)” I read and I laugh. Foolish girl, she never stops being naughty. She has never liked any of our bosses and once, a boss came in and she told me before I saw her that she had a perfect shape and a face to die for, when I eventually saw the boss, she ended up being very fat, with freckles all over her face and nothing close to being pretty.

I get up and leave my office, I’d see the boss first, we’d have a little meeting before he meets with the rest of the team.

A few members of the creative department walk up to me as I head to the boss’ office, I dismiss them with a wave of the hand as I respond quickly to a client’s mail on my phone. One of them follows and opens the door for me as I step into the new boss’ office, he shuts it behind me and I hurriedly finish the mail and send it.

I look up and standing in front of me, dressed impeccably in a well fitting purple shirt and black pants, looking very edible, mouth watering and leaning on the well polished mahogany table is Kunle Davies.



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  1. OMG!!!! Let the drama continue.Looks like dis Kunle guy is everywhere o. Thumbs up Tomilola. Expecting the two episods next week o

  2. Isn’t it amazing how the terms “Baby daddy” & “Baby mama” has become a norm in our society. Before it sounded like an insult. Morenike seems like a decent girl who had just been unfortunate in her relationships. She shouldn’t be accepting terms like “baby mama”.

    Nice story. Can’t wait for the next part.

  3. I just imagined Kunle Davies leaning on d table as Idris Elba in d movie obsessed I’ll stick with the 2 episodes nextweek pls…Ryan Gosling is one hot piece tho 😉

  4. Hmm, I wonder how she’s going to cope if Makin is realy trailing her life as alleged, especially now that he met Kunle at her house. Men! It’s going to be rough for her o! I pity her

  5. two episodes next week please!!! stumbled upon this link today and i have read all episodes and i thoroughly enjoyed reading it. keep it up babe, keep it coming please. oshay.

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