Signs To Know He’s Just Not Ready

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Many have identified the signs, some have refused to see it and some just can’t see it. Well, here I am to help those who can’t see it and convince those who have refused to see it to.

When a man decides not to commit, there are some general signs that can help you know that you are wasting time. However, a lot of women dismiss these signs just because they believe it isn’t huge or convincing enough. If your man exhibits any of the signs listed below, then believe me when I say he is not ready and just might not be man enough to say it.

One: so he promises to help you fix some little electrical fault in your bedroom but he never gets around to it. The problem isn’t the fact that he hasn’t been able to fix the fault, the problem is that he also hasn’t been serious about your dates, cancelling at the last minute or forgetting to call you most times when he says he’d call back. Now Ladies, if you must notice, this isn’t exactly a big issue but tiny issues that actually amount big deal. Can you continue to cope with unfulfilled promises no matter how little? Can you continue to get ditched every night after you must have looked forward to that hangout/event/movie with him? Can you continue to wait by your phone everytime, waiting for that call or message he promised? No? Thought so too.

Two: your new man is just coming out of a bad relationship where he got his heart broken by someone he truly loved and trusted. In fact, 80percent of your discussions are usually about how it went wrong with that woman and how he would never trust any woman again. Yet, you’re there thinking he’s for real? Reality check sweetheart, he is here for the Vee. Why am I so sure? Because he still has his ex in mind. Because he is still hurt and ultimately because he hasn’t let go of that which he should have before seeing someone else. You are going to get hurt if you stick around hoping to mend his heart.  It rarely works.

Three: Check out this conversation

Girl: do you like my new hair?

Boy: (barely looking) not bad. I’m not exactly a fan of this style/women hair generally. All I care about is you.

Days later.

Boy notices another girl carrying the same hair and stares on as if enthralled, while his woman is by his side.

Honestly, whether you think this is a joke or not, it actually does happen. Unfortunately it happens to every two women out of four. He appreciates every other girl but you. And all you think of his probably how you aren’t getting it right? Wake up sister,  you are gradually becoming worse than a learner! Pack your bags and run!

Four: some men actually start the marriage talk when you don’t. They talk about future plans with you and then suddenly,  they stop. Now, when you mention it, they seem irritated or dismiss it. What might be wrong? It is simple, they do not want it. Yes,  they never even wanted it with you. They liked the initial thrill it gave them and enhanced the chase to get you. Now that they have, there is no rush. They are probably scheming how to use the same lines on some other woman. Before you get your heart broken though, how about you ditch his confused ass?



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