“She Fucked Up The Groove”: Keyshia Cole Blasts Michelle Williams’ Superbowl Show

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Destiny’s Child reunited on stage at Super Bowl XLVII last night during Beyonce’s KILLER performance, but not everyone was totally in love with their set.

In fact, a LOT of people were kind of getting at Michelle, who wasn’t as “thick” as her DC counterparts, and looked a BIT rusty with her moves. By no means was she bad…she just wasn’t up to par with Bey and Kelly. Not one to hold her tongue, Keyshia Cole decided to tweet about it.

Keyshia Cole Trashes Michelle's Super Bowl Performance

Apparently there’s some history between the two because Cole also tweeted:

“By the way The B*tch Michelle said some foul shit while I was performing once. But no one recalls..”

Serious shots fired…



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