Goodbye Pimples! Hello clear skin

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Acne before - after

I know right? Pimples, Acne and Spots can be very tiring especially when you can’t seem to forget how very clear and Beautiful your skin used to be. So what do you do? Buy products and medication again and again, listen to every prescription your friends and neighbors are ready to force feed you with, and you spend all your time browsing through the internet for the next best thing that would work.

Well that was exactly what i was doing when i came across the Acne Face-Off guide and got it for my cousin 2weeks ago. After battling with severe Pimples, everyday breakouts and spots all over her face and back, it seemed perhaps she was willy to try any and everything that promised restoration of her once baby bum clear skin. And so, for a measly price of $12 (I got it on a discount) it didn’t seem like such a bad idea to try it. I mean, compared to the hundreds of thousands of Naira we had spent on Chemical peels, pharmaceutical drugs, Cosmetics, beauty products, skin care products, so-called Acne clearing toners and cleansers, $12 (approx. N2,000) wasn’t to much to ask for.

I was amazed at the result of her skin in 1week! Absolutely unbelievable.  If you really want to clear your skin of whatever is bugging it, the one true route to go is the Natural route which is what the Acne Face-Off guide is about. An all natural approach to clearing Acne, Pimples and spots completely!

You are reading this piece now because you are either suffering from Pimples/Acne/Spots and you need a solution fast!Yes. Fast. That is what you say all the time. You need it to work right now. You need clear skin right now. And this kind of expectant attitude has pushed you to waste money buying product after product. Well all that is about to change! What i am about to reveal to you is so easy it is absolutely insane! The best part? It is an all Natural guide to getting rid of Acne and Spots, and guarantee you clear radiant skin in Days!

Here are 3 easy techniques you should incorporate in your daily lifestyle starting today if you want to see any real change in your skin condition

1: Drink one glass of water + 1 squeezed lime/lemon every morning and night

2. Do not scrub your face more than once a week. Infact i realized that she had less breakouts when she stopped scrubbing entirely!

3. Eat more raw foods. Vegetables, fruits, as much as you can. If possible, take 1 full week off every other kind of food. Have green vegetables, fruits and lots of water everyday for one week. This might seem rather difficult to do but if you are determined to have clear glowing skin again, then try this!

ACNE FACE-OFF is unlike any other guide you’d ever have especially if your main objective is getting your clear youthful glowing skin back. This guide would take you through natural remedies and procedures that are easy to follow through.So what do you need really? You need to Download your own copy of Acne Face-Off now and begin practicing the guides in it as diligently as possible.

And if you cannot buy the Acne face-off guide at $12? Well all you have to do is contact the Acne Experts for Free here



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  1. I paid $12 for the acne faceoff guide but never received any download link it keep showing download link will apper in some seconds buh never showed up even after the time elapse. I keep sending emails buh I got no reply pls help me out

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