Rick Ross Shooting: Police Recover 18 Bullets From Scene Of Shooting

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More details have surfaced on the Rick Ross shooting and that 18 bullet casings were recovered from the scene.

New information has surfaced about the shooting incident that took place early Monday morning with Rick Ross. Fort Lauderdale Police state that 18 shell casings were recovered from the scene.

There is no official word on whether Ross fired a weapon before crashing his vehicle into an apartment building but police do say he played a major part in surviving. “It’s accurate to say he dodged multiple rounds,” says Fort Lauderdale Police Lieutenant Frank Sousa.  The police claim the altercation between Ross and as-of-yet an unknown vehicle occurred over a span of two to three blocks on Las Olas Boulevard.

While no bullets impacted the Rolls Royce, Ross and his rumored girlfriend Shateria L Morange-el were driving in, it was confirmed that the two crashed into a foot and nail spa and diner. Since this incident, it’s beenreported that Ross had hired a 24-hour armed security.

We’re still waiting for him to come out and make a public statement.



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