Review of ARROW Episode 15 – “Dodger”

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In the last episode of Arrow tagged ‘The Odyssey” Oliver Queen reveals to Felicity, the IT specialist who works at Queens Consolidated, that he is Green Arrow after he gets shot by Moira Queen  while trying to scare her and get some information from her.

While the last episode was filled with action and intrigue thanks to it being a flashback with the focus on how Oliver and Slade had to work together to takeover an airstrip and attempt to escape, Dodger unfortunately doesn’t have that much going for it.

With Felicity now working with Oliver and Diggle in bringing to justice the people on “the list”, until Walter is rescued she says, she manages to dissuade Oliver from going after a widower on the list who has a kid and instead helps indirectly sets him up to go after a jewel thief called the Dodger played by James Callis.

James Callis as Dodger
James Callis as Dodger

Without much information to go on in taking down the Dodger, Oliver pays a visit to his friend Det. McKenna Hall in a bid to get some information off her and at the same time try to hit it off with her over dinner. Oliver isn’t the only one on a date as Diggle has finally summoned the gall to ask his former sister-in-law out slowing the tempo of  the series a bit.

When at last Oliver Queen manages to get enough to set up a trap for Dodger, their encounter ends up being nothing but a bike-car chase with Oliver (not in his Arrow gear this time around) setting the record straight that unlike the Dodger who claims to steal from the rich and give to the poor ain’t no Robin Hood.

It’s a field day for almost all the Queen household in this episode as Thea gets mugged and decides to take on the thief on her own while her mother, Moira, decides to get out of the “Undertaking” and put out a hit on Malcolm Merlyn who seems to be pulling her strings.

While it was nice to see a soft side of Oliver and Diggle, it won’t be far fetched to ask for the villains in the series to be better developed and given some more to do other than to appear on the screen and smile.

That said, i won’t quit watching the series just yet as i’m sure they’ve got enough to develop and i think you shouldn’t too.

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